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Course Catalog

NDEO's OPDI has created over 55 courses since 2012, although some courses have been retired or combined to create a new course.  Below is a list of our current courses grouped by track.  Click on Download OPDI Course Catalog below to see full course information.

Click on the track links below to go directly to those courses.

Courses by Track


OPDI-M26: Dance in Communities: Models and Methods of Building Community & Reciprocity

OPDI-M28: Dance in Communities: Partnerships, Advocacy, and Audience Building

Arts Integration

OPDI-115: Dance Integration: Re-Envisioning the Creative Process


OPDI-103: Foundations for Assessments in Dance

OPDI-M3: Rubrics and Portfolio Assessments in Dance

OPDI-M8: Designing Model Cornerstone Assessments


ODPI-119: Motif Notation Literacy through the Language of Dance® Approach: Your Move, Your Choreography

OPDI-122: Celebrating Voices of Choreographers: Applications to Teaching, Learning, & Appreciation

OPDI-M9: Choreographic Sharing and Explorations – School, Studio, and Personal

OPDI-M18: Introduction to Choreography in Dance Education: a Process to Teach Your Students How to Create Dances

OPDI-M19: Dance Stagecraft and Production


OPDI-M7: Ballet Theory and Composition

OPDI-M12: Jazz Dance Theory and Practice

OPDI-M13: Modern Dance Theory and Composition

OPDI-M24: Classic Tap Repertoire – The Shim Sham Shimmy

OPDI-M25: Hip-Hop: History and Heritage

OPDI-M30: Dance in India—Delectable Diversity, Taste of Technique

OPDI-M31: Teaching Hip Hop Dance: Context, Culture and Curriculum

 OPDI-M33: Tap Dance, an American Dance Form: Teaching Tradition & Technique


OPDI-M29: Dance History: Furthering Equity Through Cultural Awareness (can substitute for OPDI-111a and 111b)

OPDI-102: Dance History 1800 to the Present

OPDI-125 Dance History in the USA

Kinesiology, Neuroscience, & Movement Analysis

OPDI-110: Dance Kinesiology and Applied Teaching Practices

OPDI-124: Movement Behavior Analysis - Observing Behavioral Differences in Dance Performance

OPDI-116: Harkness Center for Dance Injuries: The Applied Science of Dancer Health and Injury Prevention

OPDI-123: The Dancing Brain

OPDI-M27: Functional Awareness: Mindfulness Practices in Embodied Anatomy for the Dance Educator

OPDI-M32: Using Dance Science to Enhance Curriculum

Leadership and Administration

OPDI-117: Developing Strategic Leadership in Dance and Life

OPDI-121: Ethical Dilemmas in Dance Education

OPDI-M5: Writing Successful Funding Proposals

OPDI-M21: Building an Online Dance Course: Process. Product and Student Engagement

OPDI-M22: Using Dance Pedagogic Content Knowledge (PCK) to Drive Programmatic and Self Growth

Music for Dance

OPDI-120: Music Theory & Applications for the Dance Teacher 

Pedagogy and Teaching Methods

OPDI-107: Creative Dance in Early Childhood

OPDI-113: Foundations of Dance Pedagogy

OPDI-114: Teaching Dance to Students with Disabilities

OPDI-118: Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) Essentials

OPDI-M1: Dance Pedagogy – Learning Styles and Theories

OPDI-M2: Elements of Dance

OPDI-M4: Developmental Domains in Dance

OPDI-M6: Introduction to Creative Dance for Early Childhood

OPDI-M20: Integrating Social Emotional Learning (SEL) into Dance Curriculum

OPDI-M23: Creating an Ethics and Pedagogy of Teaching with(out) Touch 


OPDI-105: Introduction to Dance Education Research


OPDI-101: Introduction to the Professional Teaching Standards for Dance Arts (PTSDA)

OPDI-112: Implementing the New National Core Arts Standards in Dance

OPDI-201: Professional Portfolio Development using the Professional Teaching Standards for Dance Arts (PTSDA)