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Performing Arts Org / Community Center

In the United States, performing arts organizations and community centers provide dance education to students both on-site at the locations and through in-school residencies at PreK-12 institutions.

Performing arts organizations include local and nationally-recognized presenting or performing organizations, such as theatre houses, professional dance companies, and cultural institutions. In these organizations, dance is usually taught by teaching artists as part of an educational department. Classes may be offered on an ongoing basis at the organization’s studio or venue, or may be offered in PreK-12 education as part of a residency program.

Community centers include organizations such as the YMCA, Jewish Community Centers (JCC), or local park and recreation departments that offer dance classes as part of their programming. Community centers serve students of all ages, studying a range of dance styles.

Dance programs based in community centers and performing arts organizations are essential to providing access to dance education for students, especially those in underserved communities. These students experience the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive benefits of dance, and use the knowledge and skills they develop through their dance training to make a difference in their families, schools, and communities.

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