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Student Testimonials

A group of students with a teacher at the front pose with one arm lifted and opposite leg outstretched on the diagonal. All are wearing black and orange."The course exceeded my expectations in many ways. It benefitted me as a teacher in helping to validate some of the values I had already established in my classroom, and to help me devise strategies to increase respect for my position and the work I do within my school. It also applied to other roles I play within the community, which was a surprise but ultimately very valuable for me. I enjoyed the opportunity for self-reflection, and the incredibly insightful feedback of the instructor. She was genuinely invested in our success." Student, OPDI-117: Developing Strategic Leadership in Dance and Life


"I feel as though I have a deeper understanding and vocabulary to use with my students. I liked how open-minded and creative my peers were in the course. I enjoyed the weekly set up and deadlines to help prioritize my time. I enjoyed the pieces we were asked to view and the reading materials we were asked to read." Student, OPDI-M2: Elements of Dance


"I learned so much about social and political issues within the education system and how to apply these ideas to my pedagogy. I loved all of the readings and films that were assigned, they were very inspiring and informative. I also appreciated the professor's feedback; he was very insightful and helpful with improving my writing and articulation." Student, OPDI-113: Foundations of Dance Pedagogy


"This has been the most phenomenal course I have taken to date and I can’t think of a better way to complete the Certificate in Dance Education! What has inspired me the most in these twelve weeks has been the wealth of knowledge that we have all discovered, but in addition have shared with each other. What I am taking away is a burning desire to continue my studies in the history of dance. While I knew dance has cultural, political, historical, religious, social and economic factors attached; I never realized how many dances exist and how much they impact the development of dance throughout the world." Student, OPDI-111ab: Dance History - Global, Cultural and Historical Considerations


"This class challenged me in MANY ways. The class pushed me to be more professional and clear. This class pushed me into action. I liked that the class was very well organized and professional. I also liked that the professors were able to adapt and give advice specific to my course needs." Student, OPDI-M21: Building an Online Dance Course: Process. Product and Student Engagement


A woman smiles up at the camera from a low side lunge while working at a laptop."I received many resources that help articulate the creative process for my future students. I also was able to refine my own process and learn alternative methods for teaching choreography. I really liked the multitude of forms and activities to inspire creativity!" Student, OPDI-115: Dance Integration: Re-Envisioning the Creative Process


"Music in relation to dance is one of my deficiencies as a dancer, and therefore as a teacher. This course helped me be more confident with counting different patterns, including different kinds of music in my classes, and investigating music before I begin choreography." Student, OPDI-120: Music Theory & Applications for the Dance Teacher


"This course gave me a deeper understanding of the links between modern dance and how to research them. I liked the importance the teacher placed on individual connections and interests within the world of modern dance. The material allowed me to feel challenged yet successful." Student, OPDI-M13: Modern Dance Theory and Composition


"I learned the true history of jazz dance. With this new knowledge my confidence grew as a performer and teacher in just 6 short weeks. This was the first OPDI course that I took and I could not have asked for a better experience or class. I enjoyed getting feedback from other teachers and professionals in the business with different backgrounds as well." Student, OPDI-M12: Jazz Dance Theory and Practice


"This course brought me back to my days of ballet training which was so long ago. It opened my eyes to how disconnected I have been and how rusty I was to the terminology and movements. It definitely brought to light how I need to begin challenging myself and taking classes to develop as a dancer and dance educator in order to provide the best training for my students." Student, OPDI-M7: Ballet Theory and Composition


Photo Credits From Top: Angela and Ithyle courtesy of Jennifer Oliver