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Student Programs

The National Dance Education Organization strongly supports its collegiate student members who are the future professionals in dance and dance education. As such, NDEO offers the following programs to support students in their studies, artistry, and professional preparation.

National Honor Society for Dance Arts Chapter (NHSDA)

The NHSDA Collegiate Program is designed to honor the accomplishments of outstanding undergraduate or graduate students studying dance in a dance major, minor, or elective program at a postsecondary institution. An NHSDA Collegiate Program Chapter can be implemented in any postsecondary institution that supports accredited dance coursework. The institution is required to maintain an NDEO Institutional Membership - Higher Education for as long as the institution hosts an NHSDA Collegiate Program. The chapter can be set up as a one-time honor, as a program of an existing student organization, or as a stand-alone student organization or club with officers, regular meetings, and planned activities. Students must become members of NDEO at either the Undergraduate Student or Graduate Student level in order to be inducted and to receive Graduation with Honors. Click here for more information about starting a NHSDA Collegiate chapter.

NDEO Student Organizations (NSO)

NDEO supports an NDEO Student Organization (NSO) program at the postsecondary level. Colleges and universities that have a current Institutional Membership can establish an NDEO Student Organization at their institution. NSO's encourage students to participate in activities affiliated with the national organization, including conferences and governance, and to unite on a local level to address important issues and concerns, host activities, and recognize the outstanding accomplishments of one another.

Student Conference Scholarships

In lieu of scholarships for the 2020 and 2021 Virtual National Conferences, NDEO offered highly discounted registration rates to all members in light of hte impact the covid-19 pandemic has had on our community.

We hope to reinstate this scholarship program in 2022 for our in-person conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Please check back for more information. The application typically launches in early Summer.


NDEO is not currently accepting internship applications as the national office is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

NDEO offers internship opportunities for highly motivated, independent, and mature graduate and undergraduate student members of NDEO who seek to understand dance arts education in relation to the national agenda of educational reform. Internships offer practical and challenging experiences in dance education, research, legislation, policy and funding, advocacy, arts or business administration, marketing and publications, conferences, and membership.




Photo courtesy of University of Delaware