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Who Should Take the DELTA?

DELTA is designed to indicate subject-matter competency in dance education, and in some states serves a gateway for dance certification. Regardless of whether the state in which you seek employment requires DELTA as a prerequisite for certification, dance education in the public schools comprises a national market. Therefore, passing the exam will distinguish candidates for employment from one another, as it is a reflection of teacher readiness skills determined through consensus by NDEO’s membership and by the State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education (SEADAE).

Potential examinees for whom DELTA would be beneficial include:  

  • Prospective K-12 public school dance educators, that have completed dance teacher preparation programs at an accredited college or university regardless of whether DELTA is required for licensure;
  • Candidates meeting the eligibility requirements for alternate route certification, including performance majors, professional dancers and/or teaching artists;  
  • Candidates meeting the eligibility requirements for Career & Technical Education certification in dance that may or may not have completed a college program;
  • Licensed (non-dance) K-12 teachers with a dance background that are seeking an additional endorsement in dance education;
  • Currently licensed K-12 dance educators;
  • College or university dance faculty; particularly those associated with dance teacher preparation programs;
  • Private dance studio owners and/or private studio dance faculty.