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NDEO’s Online Professional Development Institute™ (OPDI)

OPDI offers online dance education courses featuring pedagogy, teaching methods, history, assessments, research, and much more. OPDI will benefit the vast majority of dance educators, teaching artists, and administrators who are working in private studios and schools of dance, community and cultural centers, higher education, and K-12 education seeking professional development. The courses are designed to appeal to those professionals who want to learn more, enhance domains of knowledge, learn new content areas, and strengthen their own teaching and learning skills.

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Who Should Take OPDI Courses

While we welcome anyone to take our courses, it helps if the student has a few years of dance teaching experience as well as dance training in their specific technique or genre. OPDI courses do not teach you how to dance. OPDI courses are designed to make you a better teacher and build off your previous experiences. Dance teachers looking to pursue lifelong learning, highly qualified teacher (HQT) status, a pay raise, an endorsement in dance beyond certified K-12 area, or retaining current certification may find that OPDI courses fit their needs.

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  • Accessible.
    All courses are taught online in a 24/7 asynchronous style allowing students to work on their own schedules during the week with due dates for assignments at the end of the week. OPDI courses are designed for all dance professionals regardless of their teaching setting.
  • Affordable.
    Course fees range from $215 (4 weeks) to $550 (12 weeks) for NDEO members and slightly higher for non-members. If you plan to take more than two courses it is recommended that you sign up for an NDEO membership.
  • Flexible.
    A student may take as few or as many courses as they wish toward their own professional development goals. You can take courses in any order and start in any semester (Spring, Summer, or Fall).
  • Prestigious.
    Students may earn a NDEO Certificate in Dance Education (CiDE) upon the successful completion of 33 credits of OPDI coursework.
  • Rigorous
    Courses are taught by national experts and are rigorous. Students earn NDEO-endorsed Professional Development Credits (PDCs) upon successfully completing courses. 



Photo by Karen Searles and Cedar Ridge High School, Round Rock ISD