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Members in the Field of Dance Education Research

NDEO surveyed our membership, and heard back from 68 members who work in the field of Dance Education Research. Read on to hear from 7 of them and the areas of Dance Education Research that they are currently working in.

"My research interest and experience is framed by the following focus areas: Afro-Caribbean Diaspora dance, co-existing embodied aesthetics, aesthetic disruption in dance spaces, developing innovative dance curriculum emerging from "taking our place at the table" making the invisible visible-from studio to stage, from page to performative presentations." - Rosalinda Rojas, New Mexico

"My area of expertise is motor learning or skill acquisition in dance with a specific emphasis on community dance programs for people with neurological diseases. Currently I am conducting research on an intergenerational community dance program for older adults. This is through a research scholar position at Brown University. This specific project is examining inputs and outputs of such programs. As a professional dancer, I danced with a physically integrated dance company and during my graduate studies I worked in a neurorehabilitation research lab - this was growth from those experiences." - Gregory Youdan (pictured left)

"Currently, my research areas have been on Black dance educators’ anti-Black racism experience in Ontario, Canada; culturally relevant pedagogy and cultural arts education in schools; dance criticism and archives of African diasporic dance in Canada." - Collette Murray, Canada

"Among the areas of research I wish to explore in greater depth are the repertory, philosophies and both the ethnographic and pedagogical approaches of Katherine Dunham. My interests include allyship, intersections between dance performance and political activism, American jazz dance, culturally responsive pedagogy, teacher training, identity formation in young dancers, and fair labor practices in the performing arts industry." - Susannah "Sukie" Keita, Arizona (submitted photo to the right)

"Considering the model of care utilized in college athletics as a potential extension into the undergraduate dance major program. Specifically, considering injury risks, rehabitative care, and pre-semester screening as supports for faculty and students in the physical demands associated with the degree programs." - Jade Treadwell, Tennessee

"I am interested in current research regarding the hypersexualization of children in dance through exposure to adult sexuality in costumes, choreography and music. I define this pattern with the term 'harmful dance' That is why I founded DA:NCE(dance awareness: no child exploited). I became interested in this topic when I began to see children in adult costumes, choreography and music at June dance recitals as well as in competitive dance choreography. Because I had a wonderful experience with healthy dance as a child, I felt that I had to speak out about this trend to normalize what is not normal for children. I am appalled at the research-based outcomes for children with adult sexual exposure that is not age-appropriate." - Mary Bawden, California (pictured above)

"My research centers on cognition and social interaction during the group creative process. Most of the time this takes the form of conducting studies with children to see how they are thinking and reasoning and interacting with one another as they create dances. I use the data from these studies to look at what pedagogical practices are most impactful to reach our goals for promoting cognitive and social growth and as a tool for advocacy to integrate and centralize the arts in PK-12 education. Methodologically, I use mixed qualitative methods, including interview, textual analysis, survey, observation and collection and analysis of lived experience data." - Miriam Giguere, Pennsylvania

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Photo credits from top to bottom; Courtesy of Gregory Youdan by Francisco Graciano; Courtesy of Institute for Dunham Technique Certification by Bree Gant; Courtesty of Mary Bawden by Greg Schneider