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Institutional Memberships

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NDEO offers 4 types of Institutional Memberships. Institutions can join at any time and their membership will be active for 12 months from the join date. Along with all of the Institutional benefits listed below, the Institutional Membership will receive one complimentary Professional Membership for the designated main contact of the Institution. This complimentary professional membership (Professional Main Contact Membership or ProMC) will be active for the same join and expire dates as the Institutional Membership provided that the person stays as the main contact for that institution. If that person is replaced by someone else, they will need to renew their membership as an individual Professional Membership and pay the associated dues fee.

NDEO is no longer requiring a separate OPDI Membership for those main contacts that want to take OPDI courses. 

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Institutional Descriptions

Consisting of public, private, and charter PreK-12 schools (elementary, middle/junior, high school, combined grades) that offer dance education to their students as in-school classes, often part of the arts curriculum or offered as part of their physical education program. In some districts dance is offered in the drill or dance team programs that perform for sporting events.

Dance studios and academies that are primarily educational organizations; may produce recitals but are not primarily presenting organizations. Many are privately-owned small businesses in which dance is taught to students, usually age 2-adult, in a variety of genres. Dance studios may serve students whose interests are recreational (that is, not having professional dance ambitions), competitive (that is, participating in dance competitions, regardless of professional ambitions), or pre-professional (that is, training for a professional dance career as a performer, teacher, or choreographer).

Dance education departments of performing arts organizations (e.g. San Francisco Ballet, New York City Ballet, Alvin Ailey), community center organizations that offer dance programs (e.g. YMCA), and dance service organizations (e.g. DanceUSA, Dance Heritage Coalition). This includes local and nationally-recognized presenting or performing organizations, such as theatre houses, professional dance companies, and cultural institutions.

Colleges and universities that offer associate, bachelors, or masters degrees, or dance minors in dance or dance education, as well as any type of conservatory program that caters to the post-high school student.

Institution Benefits


Dance Studio:  $185

K-12 School: $185

Performing Arts Org:     $185

Hi Ed Institution:    $250
Eligibility to start  a chapter of National Honor Society for Dance  Arts (NHSDA)
Elibility to start  a collegiate NDEO Student Organization N/A N/A N/A
Elibility to list the dance program and degrees in the NDEO's National College Dance Directory N/A N/A N/A
Student of Institution can attend in-person NDEO National Conferences for discounted rate  (seperate student membership required) N/A N/A N/A
30% Discount on Individual Professional Memberships for Faculty Members. (Main contact should email to request the discount).

(up to 2 faculty discounts)

(up to 2 faculty discounts)

(up to 2 faculty discounts)

(up to 4 faculty discounts)

Dual State Affiliate Membership (where available)

Professional Main Contact Membership Benefits (included complimentary)


IM Dance Studio Contact

K-12 School Contact

Performing Arts Org Contact

Hi Ed Institution Contact
Eligible for discounted registration fees for NDEO Conferences and Professional Development Days (separate registration fees apply)
Free conference presenter proposal fee - $0 for members, $40 for non-members
Eligible for Discounted Tuition on OPDI courses (separate course tuition fees apply)
Online Subscriptions to Journal of Dance Education and Dance Education in Practice
Full Access to NDEO's Dance Education Literature and Research descriptive index (DELRdi) - Under construction until Summer 2022

Networking via the Online Forums, Special Interest Groups, and Membership Directory
Access to NDEO Reseach, Advocacy Materials, Standards, Resources, Leadership Opportunities

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