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The National Dance Education Organization envisions a nation that affords every citizen equal access and opportunity to quality dance arts education regardless of gender, age, race or culture, socio-economic status, ability or interest.



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The National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) is a non-profit, membership organization dedicated to advancing dance education centered in the arts for people of all backgrounds. NDEO provides dance artists, educators, and administrators of all backgrounds a network of resources and support, a base for advocacy and research, and access to professional development opportunities that focus on the importance of dance in the human experience.



The National Dance Education Organization

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  • IDENTIFIES and ACTS in constructive and strategic ways to positively shape public, social and education policy about and for dance in education;
  • PROMOTES greater knowledge, appreciation, and support of the processes of dance education and promotes excellence in dance practice, performance, and presentation;
  • PLANS and provides stimulating and forward looking professional development opportunities for dance teachers and educators; and
  • ACTS as a clearinghouse for issues directly related to the quality of dance arts education in dance studios, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and outreach programs of performing arts organizations.

You will find NDEO members in a variety of dance education environments including, but not limited to, dance studios, K-12 schools, colleges, performing arts organizations, and community centers.

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"I joined NDEO because I was interested in exploring all dimensions of dance. I always want to take my experience to a new level by connecting with other like-minded artists. The dance world is a special place, and NDEO and its State Affiliates are bringing dance educators together across the country to share our gifts with one another. I never want to stop learning and this organization encourages and supports its members. "

Tara Madsen Robbins, Cab Calloway School of the ArtsMember Since 2019

“It has impacted me so much because now I am the secretary of DEGAS, the GA local NDEO affiliate and I would not have known I needed support without receiving support from a fellow teacher. NDEO has impacted my students because I have received OPDI PD that has changed my teaching, I have started a NHSDA Chapter, I have attended many conferences to continue my personal and professional development."

Tamara Irving, North Atlanta High SchoolMember Since 2012

"It was many years ago that I had the opportunity to attend a NDEO conference and join the organization. I worked as the creative movement teacher in a private school and NDEO’s Online Forums were a way for me to be connected to the larger world of dance education. I appreciated all the scholarship that was going on, and I read articles that often illuminated my teaching, thinking, and philosophy. I particularly appreciated all the information, announcements, and workshops. "

Karen Diaz Ensanian, Guest Lecturer, Workshop Facilitator Member Since 2017

Photo Credits From Top: Asher Swan and Southern Utah University Department of Theatre, Dance, and Arts Administration, Vik Peñas and De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde