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Research Priorities

Research Priorities in Dance Education

Research Priorities: A Report to the Nation (published in 2004) contains an analysis and summation of the research uncovered during the Research in Dance Education project. The report’s purpose is to reveal the patterns, trends, and gaps of research produced between 1926 and 2002. By illustrating research productivity in dance/movement education from its beginnings to the present, the report provides recommendations for dance education research in the twenty-first century. 

The Report Identified the Following Needs
  1. To understand patterns, trends, and gaps found in the RDE study 1926- 2002 and to pursue research in areas found most lacking.
  2. To strengthen teacher preparation and professional development programs in research environments of PreK-12 education, higher education, private schools of dance, outreach programs in performing arts organizations, and community and cultural centers.
  3. To understand and implement a range of research designs supporting quantitative and qualitative research methods and techniques.
  4. To research intrinsic and instrumental values of dance education and their impact, or potential impact, on teaching and learning in and through dance.
  5. To engage the dance community in research.
  6. To expand community collaborations in research.
  7. To build collaborations with the research community in arts education.
  8. To address Policy and Funding issues concerning dance education in U.S. education.
  9. To research the learning preferences of diverse cultures.
  10. To establish one or more Center(s) for Research in Dance Education (CRDE) to support research and the placement of dance in arts, research, and education communities.