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These webinars offer the opportunity for dance educators to learn from leading experts. Panelists will offer best practices, tips, and strategies related to the webinar topic. Attendees can submit questions for panelists prior to and during the session. Webinars are an hour long with recordings available on-demand and are available FREE to Members and Non-Members. Registration is required. To see on-demand recordings of prior webinars, visit the links in the left-side menu bar.

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2024 Webinar Schedule

Join us for a webinar on Monday July 8, 2024 from 6:30pm - 8:00pm ET

Exploring Positive Shifts in Education: Insights from Participatory Action Research in Dance Education by CAN Dance Teacher-Leaders

Edwin Brathwaite, Lindsey Bauer, Kim Hoj - Moderated by Dale Schmid

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In this webinar, participants will be invited to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery with the CAN Dance consortium. Grounded in the principles of Participatory Action Research (PAR) and framed as practitioner research, this session will delve into the transformative power of living within an inquiry stance..

Key Topics:

1. Identifying Problems of Practice:• Learn how teachers within the CAN Dance consortium identify and articulate problems of practice within the realm of dance education.

2. The "What If" Pedagogy:• Explore the thought-provoking questions teachers pose, such as "What if student-centered learning intertwined with student engagement and academic success?" Delve into the potential symbiotic relationship and envision the transformative possibilities.

3. Evidence of Shifts in Performance:• Understand the importance of gathering artifacts as evidence of shifts in student performance. Uncover how teachers use these artifacts to measure the impact of innovative approaches in the classroom.

4. Teacher Self-Regulation and Student Well-Being:• Investigate the correlation between teacher self-regulation and the emotional well-being of students. Examine how a teacher's ability to self-regulate influences students' capacity to navigate stress and make positive life decisions.

5. Fostering Belonging and Classroom Climate:• Explore the concept of belonging in the classroom and discover how it is promulgated and nurtured. Delve into the insights gained from the Teacher-Leaders' research on creating positive shifts in classroom climate.

6. Interrogate ways in which cultural competency and SEL skills can improve school culture and support student growth and academic/artistic achievement.

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