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Individual Memberships

A dance teacher with long hair leads their class in a stretch position from the front of their dance classroom.

An Individual Membership is for you if...

You as an individual will be utilizing and paying for the membership. Options available for the different stages of one's career including Professional, Ph.D/Ed Candidate, Young Professional, and Retiree memberships. 

Individual Membership Types

$115 a year - Individuals actively working/teaching in dance or dance education: dance educators, dancers and choreographers, dance specialists in medicine/science and technology, arts educators and administrators. Also for individuals interested in supporting or promoting dance or dance education.

$115 a year - Individuals pursuing a Ph.D / Ed.D. (doctorate degree) in any field related to dance and dance education. This member type is not considered a student membership and does not qualify for student conference rates.

$85 a year - A one-year non-renewable membership for individuals who are within 3 years of graduation from a high school,community college, college (associate degrees), university (bachelor's or master's degrees) or conservatory program and who are teaching or working in the field of dance or dance education. At the end of the first year, the member would renew as a Professional.

$60 a year - Individuals retired from a career in dance or dance education.

Member Benefits for Individuals


Professional: $115

Ph.D/Ed.D Candidate: $115

Young Professional: $85

Retiree: $60
Eligible for discounted registration fees for NDEO Conferences and Professional Development Days (separate registration fees apply)
Free conference presenter proposal fee - $0 for members, $40 for non-members
Eligible for discounted tuition for OPDI courses (seperate course tuition fees apply)
Online Subscription to Journal of Dance Education  + $25
Online Subscription Dance Education in Practice + $20
Full Access to NDEO's Dance Education Literature and Research descriptive index (DELRdi) - under construction until Summer 2022

Networking via the Online Forums, Special Interest Groups, and Membership Directory
Opportunity to be featured in NDEO's Guest Blog Series on Behind the Curtain
Access to NDEO Reseach, Advocacy Materials, Standards, Resources, Leadership Opportunities
Dual State Affiliate Membership (where available)

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Photo by Angela Criscimagna, Temecula Valley Unified School District