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The Awards Committee is comprised of volunteers who work to adjudicate for various awards given out by NDEO

The impetus for creating this plan is to provide peace of mind to the organization. As the pandemic and recent weather-related catastrophes have demonstrated, the questions surrounding crises are not will something happen, but when. While we hope for good health for all staff and Board members, hope is an insufficient plan. An Emergency Succession Plan will ensure order and preparedness in times of turmoil, confusion and high-stress. By putting forward a framework for a plan, the COOP Committee recognizes the impact and mitigating effects a comprehensive, sturdy plan will have on NDEO during times of need.

NDEO's Dance and Disability Task Force is dedicated to advising NDEO staff and leadership and crafting programming to educate NDEO members on disability and access issues within our organization and the field of dance education.

The Development Committee partners with NDEO to develop short-term and long-term fundraising initiatives. They set the vision for and manage overall fundraising strategies to support NDEO student and professional development scholarships, endowments, and ongoing programing of NDEO.

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NDEO's Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) Committee works with staff, leadership, and members on issues of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access within the organization and field of dance education.

In 2021, NDEO began a multi-year intitiative for organizational and programmatic change to embody our commitment to becoming an anti-racist organization.

Cultivating Leadership is one of the three new Priorities in Dance Education for NDEO. The ad- hoc committee will review the Priorities’ call to action, refer to the Big Idea, address the Goal, and create recommendations to the board for strategies that will carry out the Priority. The ad hoc committee will meet regularly at mutually agreeable times for the course of a year, work closely with the NDEO ED/CEO, President, Past-President, and NHSDA Advisory Board representative to review current policies and initiatives for leadership development and make recommendations to the board for future leadership development. All those who are interested must be current and remain current members of NDEO throughout the process

The program serves as a support system for PK-12 dance teachers with fewer than five years of experience (mentees) in the PK-12 field of dance education. It will also give dance teachers with five or more years of experience in PK-12 (mentors) an opportunity to reach out and assist new educators.

The National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) is a membership driven organization. Members have a strong voice in its work and governance. NDEO's Board of Directors is a working board and requires expertise in specific roles that are integral to NDEO leadership, infrastructure, and long-term stability. The NDEO governance consists of a Policy Board of Directors and an Advisory Board of Directors.

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The Research Committee partners with NDEO to develop short-term and long-term Research synergy and advocacy. The committee members collaborate with NDEO members and external stakeholders gathering tools and resources to address the Dance Education Research National and local needs and issues of the discipline and to move dance research forward across NDEO’s dance education sectors including but not limited to Higher Education, K-12 schools, Performing Arts Organizations, and Community Centers.

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The State Affiliate Committee partners with NDEO to help connect and build knowledge among the State Affiliates and cultivate leadership within State Affiliates. The State Affiliates committee advises and assists the Affiliates director with developing information and projects to assist State Affiliates further the goals of NDEO and strengthen their organization.

The opportunity for students to interact with the individuals that have expanded the base of knowledge in pedagogical practices, advocacy, choreography, research and more within our dance community provides for professionalizing experiences, sharing of historical lineage, as well as continues the legacy that has helped to build American dance education across all sectors.

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More Information Coming Soon