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How can NDEO help you get ready for graduate school?

NDEO believes in the importance of Building Knowledge in the field of dance education. We recognize that post-collegiate education is a vital component of how we foster the development of knowledge. We have many programs and resources that can help support you in the graduate school decision process.

NDEO's National College Dance Directory (NCDD) can help you search for graduate dance programs. You can search for programs by location, degree conferred, and institution type.

Have questions about graduate school in general or a specific course of study? NDEO’s Online Forums are a great place to ask! You can join forums specific to both Higher Education and Students, to get perspectives from professors, current students, and recent graduates.

Attending the NDEO Conference is also a great opportunity to learn about specific fields of study, programs, careers, and to meet and network with faculty and students from programs you may be interested in applying to. 

There are many ways that NDEO’s Online Professional Development Institute can help you prepare for your graduate studies:

  • If you are considering an online program, but not sure whether online learning is for you, OPDI courses can help you determine if it is a good fit. Classes are offered in 4, 6, or 12 week sessions, enabling you to check out online learning without making a long-term investment. Learn more about this semester’s course offerings here.
  • OPDI can also help prepare you for graduate level coursework and help you develop the skills you’ll need for success. OPDI 105: Introduction to Dance Education Research can teach you critical research skills that will support your graduate studies. This course provides a survey of current research paradigms in dance education inquiry with particular emphasis on research process, design, methodology, and pedagogical implications for dance teaching and curriculum. As one OPDI 105 student said about their experience, "I understand this course is geared towards teachers, (but) I am currently in my master's program and found it absolutely essential."
  • OPDI courses can be used to fill in gaps in your knowledge or earn prerequisite credits. Check with your school to see what courses might be accepted!

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