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What Our Members Say

  • "I joined NDEO because I see the value in a community of professionals who share the same vision of dance for all! As a new member to NDEO, I feel that the most valuable aspect for my students at this point is the availability of professional development that will allow me to learn from other dance educators around the world and share my knowledge with not only students but other educators as well. It is important to me to continue to grow in my profession through learning and networking with other members of NDEO. During the pandemic last spring, I found the non-member professional development sessions on Zoom to be very beneficial and this encouraged me to join NDEO to further my experiences with this amazing group of individuals."

    Kellianne FloydSpartanburg School District 1, South Carolina

  • "Researching dance education for an article I was writing about the similarities between teaching dance and teaching writing, I came across valuable material in JODE and DEiP so I joined NDEO to have access to those. I took a risk and wrote a guest blog about “virtual venues.” Other members wrote to introduce themselves and then I attended the virtual conference in 2020. I didn’t think I could meet so many new colleagues and form so many new friendships from being alone at home, but I did! I gained the confidence to publish articles of my own in JODE and DEiP, present at the conference in 2021, and at NDEO webinars. Now, NDEO is a beloved part of my life. It offers so many opportunities to grow as a teacher and, in return, I have so much more to give back. It’s a brilliant cycle of positive growth!"

    Jesse KatenOwner at Jesse Katen School of Dance

  • "I joined NDEO to be part of the "conversation" and to contribute my unique perspective and voice to the ongoing efforts and initiatives regarding justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion, in particular. I am so proud to have actively participated in NDEO's justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion audit conducted and led by Maryland Nonprofits. And I am equally thrilled to have been selected to be a member of the Action and Accountability Committee to put the recommendations from this audit into motion. "

    Joe BowieNorthwestern University, Illinois

"I joined to be a part of and learn from fellow educators' intelligent and creative conversations. My everyday approach to teaching is influenced by others working toward the same goals. My students benefit from what I learn and apply in class. You teach what you know, and that means to keep learning. Never stop learning!"

Yvonne Racz KeyBallet Lubbock & Texas Tech University, Texas

"I joined NDEO in order to connect to other dance educators through the nation. I often felt like such an island, alone in my practice. I had this urgency to connect to other dance educators in order to better my own practice and learn from fellow educators. My membership has also given me the opportunity to serve as the Arkansas state affiliate president, where I have worked to establish the first Arkansas High School Dance Festival, ADN Scholarship, and professional development."

Amy Bramlett TurnerHot Spring School District, Arkansas

"I like the discussions and blogs as well as conferences/journals NDEO organised. All these are important that I can gain updated information in the field I am in and other interesting areas so improvements can be made. I'm working on the e-committee and have been searching for dance education contents for the NDEO social media since earlier this year."

Yang ZhaoThe University of Edinburgh, UK

What Are NDEO Members Up To?

  • "I am very proud to be a recent graduate of the pilot year of the Dance Education Lab Institute. I have worked with DEL over the years and have enjoyed connecting with DEL colleagues at the conferences. I took a leap and applied to the year long Institute program to meet other educators, become more Culturally Responsive in my teaching, and develop my curriculum for my students. I am now training to become a DEL Facilitator. This year I co-authored a column in the Dance Education in Practice journal with two of my Chicago colleagues. I have been wanting to write for the journal for years so that is a huge accomplishment."

    M.K. VictorsonChicago Public Schools, Illinois

  • "I recently revised my dance history curriculum for the high school juniors at Culver Academies in such a way that allows the class to look at the development of different dance styles and disciplines through the lens of race, culture, gender, and politics. I am excited about this shift in the curriculum because it allows the students to draw connections across dance styles while honoring choreographic and stylistic lineages. I've added a final unit in the curriculum in which popular contemporary culture is analyzed as it relates to social dances on TikTok and other social media platforms. This part of the unit leads into discussions of cultural appreciation vs. cultural appropriation and best practices when paying homage to a cultural practice, tradition, or belief through movement and performance"

    Ingrid CiacciaCulver Academies, Indiana

  • "I brought dance to high school students who sit behind a computer all day. I inspired them to get up and move their bodies, to interact with others, and to think creatively. I taught them how to make mind-body connections that are so valuable as we recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. At first they were a little unsure of my tactics, but now they look forward to the first five minutes of class just because they know they will be allowed to get up and move their bodies. They never thought that they could dance until I explained that dance doesn't have to be technical and performed on a stage. Anyone can dance anywhere with just a little inspiration."

    Sonya MontsNorth Carolina

María Daniel, "created a New Project called Project BrOKen which uses dance and visual art to depict the realities of those impacted by mental health, disabilities and addiction. The project also uses dance to depict a path to hope, healing and recovery. Highlights include Expressive Dance Art, a live dance performance, a wellness Resource Fair and a Video Resource for organizations that provide assistive services."

María DanieliDance Ministry, New Jersey

"I recently published my book "Dance Adventures: True Stories About Dancing Abroad." This anthology is full of engaging and educational first-person narratives from renowned performers, dance educators (including NDEO members!), dance scholars and other avid dance travelers. It shares 19 stories from 17 countries across 6 continents."

Megan Taylor MorrisonGeorgia

"I am part of the Mentors Program for NDEO in Cohorts 3 and 4. I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Learning, Instruction, and Innovation from Walden University. I am currently conducting my dissertation proposal stage concerning High School Dance teachers with virtual teaching. During this next school year, I am starting a Dance curriculum for K-8 at Renaissance Charter School at Poinciana in Kissimmee, Florida."

Rosana GonzalezCSUSA, Florida

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