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PK-12 Mentorship Program

Applications for Cohort #7 Now Open! Apply by April 22nd, 2024!

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The program serves as a support system for PK-12 dance teachers with fewer than five years of experience (mentees) in the PK-12 field of dance education. It will also give dance teachers with five or more years of experience in PK-12 (mentors and mentorship supporters) an opportunity to reach out and assist new educators.

New PK-12 dance educators will be paired with experienced dance education mentors, basing matches on criteria such as similar job attributes, disposition and philosophical outlook, and needs. Both mentor, mentee, and mentorship supporter should plan for a two year commitment, however it may continue and grow in an alternate form for as long as the participants wish.

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Cohort #7 Applications Open

The Mentorship application is 38 questions long and needs to be completed in one sitting.  Please be prepared by previewing the questions below before you start the application. We would suggest that you have your answers prepared before starting the application.

Application deadline extended through April 22nd, 2024

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***Current Mentors/Mentees DO NOT need to apply to continue with Cohort 6.  This application is for participation in Cohort 7. Current mentors, mentees, or mentorship supporters should contact if they would like to be considered to serve as a mentor, mentee, or mentorship supporters in Cohort 7.***


As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to draw from your experience as an educator as you guide a newer dance teacher, significantly contributing to the sustainability of the PK-12 dance education field. If you work in a district with a qualified teacher evaluation system, your participation in the NDEO PK – 12 Mentorship Program may provide exceptional evidence of your service to the field, thus supporting strong ratings.


We learn something new every day. This is especially so during the first few years of teaching in PK-12 as you work to juggle teaching responsibilities, curriculum development, program administration, performance productions and your teacher evaluation and tenure process. As a mentee, you will have the support of an experienced mentor/coach selected to match your personal disposition and current teaching situation.

Mentorship Supporters

PK-12 Mentorship supporters will be able to draw from their experiences as educators as they significantly contribute to the sustainability of the PK-12 dance education field. PK-12 Mentorship Supporters will lead conversations and present workshops while sharing their wealth of knowledge, including valuable resources for fellow dance educators.

Goals of the Mentorship Program

  • To provide a support system for dance educators with fewer than 5 years of experience.
  • To provide dance educators with 5 or more years of experience the opportunity to assist new dance educators and examine their own teaching strategies and perspectives.
  • To lower the overall attrition of PK-12 dance educators and teaching positions to increase the stability and sustainability of dance education and provide equity of dance education to every child.

Application and Guidelines

The application contains several short and long response questions in regards to environment, teaching philosophy, strengths as an educator, and more.  All positions within the mentorship program are volunteer.

Each mentor/mentee will need to agree to the following guidelines if selected:

  • 2 year commitment
  • remain a member of NDEO
  • review the training powerpoint presentations and webinars
  • set goals and expectations with mentor/mentee
  • communicate with mentor/mentee partner weekly
  • complete and submit Google log forms monthly
  • utilize Basecamp for communication
  • attend 4 Zoom meetings a year

Each mentorship support will need to agree to the following guidelines if selected:

  • 2 year commitment
  • Complete the PK-12 Mentorship application
  • Must have served as a PK-12 dance educator in a PK-12 school for at least 10 or more years
  • Post at least 1 tool such as a lesson plan, unit plan, assessment, sample assignment per month and monitor the comments and answer any questions that may arise
  • Post at least 1 question, inquiry, or discussion each month
  • Host 1 live session per term per year
  • Participate in Basecamp conversations
  • Reply to Pings
  • Attend Mentorship Zoom meetings

A Mentor, Mentee, or Mentorship Supporter may be removed from the program for not adhering to the above listed guidelines.

Not a current NDEO Member? First, sign up For NDEO Membership, OR renew your expired membership before you complete the application. Both Mentor and Mentee must be current NDEO members to apply and remain members throughout the duration of the relationship.