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NDEO Board of Directors

The National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) is a membership driven organization. Members have a strong voice in its work and governance. NDEO's Board of Directors is a working board and requires expertise in specific roles that are integral to NDEO leadership, infrastructure, and long-term stability. The NDEO governance consists of a Board of Directors (voting) and an Advisory Council (non-voting). 

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2023 Elections

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides leadership and assumes responsibilities for establishing and implementing duties relevant to policy-making, financial matters, and legislative issues. The Board consists of: the officers of President, Secretary, Treasurer, and either President Elect or Past President; 6 regional board members; and the Executive Director. All board members have voting rights. Each board member acts as a liaison to an assigned Advisory Council position.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council provides leadership and assumes responsibilities in specific areas of interest. Elected Advisory Council positions include: Development; Action & Accountability; National Awards; E-Communications; National Honor Society for Dance Arts; Research; Mentorship; State Affiliates; Student Initiatives and 2 student liaisons (Undergraduate and Graduate). Appointed and Liaison Advisory Council positions include: Advocacy; Standards, Curriculum, and Assessment; and the Editors of Journal of Dance Education, Dance Education in Practice, and the Dance Education Literature & Research descriptive index. Each Advisory Council chair works with a committee of volunteer members who assist in carrying out the duties of that position. Committee work provides additional opportunities to serve NDEO and the field while also providing training for future leaders. 

NDEO is for the members, by the members and of the members. Our members’ expertise and dedication invests in the future of dance education.