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National Awards

2023 National Awards

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Questions about National Awards?  Email National Awards Committee Chair, Yauri Dalencour, at

Lifetime Achievement

Collage of headshots of all the 2023 NDEO national award recipientsThe most prestigious award conferred, the Lifetime Achievement Award is given for exemplary leadership, scholarship and/or artistry, and philanthropy or service to dance education. The honoree will have contributed to the field of dance education at the national and / or international levels for a period of at least fifteen (15) years.

Lifetime Achievement - Living Artist / Educator

Lifetime Achievement - Posthumous

Outstanding Leadership

There are four categories of Leadership Awards in the following areas: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Higher Education, PK-12, and Independent Sector. These awards are given to an individual who has demonstrated excellence in creating ideas for programs, curriculums, and/or projects that have had a significant impact on their specific field of dance education and who has demonstrated leadership on a national level. Additionally, the recipient of this award should inspire and cultivate vision and leadership in others.

Outstanding Leadership Award in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Outstanding Leadership Award in Higher Education

Outstanding Leadership Award in PK-12

Outstanding Leadership Award in the Independent Sector

Outstanding Dance Educator

This award acknowledges a stellar dance educator. The award is granted on a yearly rotating basis to a dance educator from a different teaching environment each year. Additionally, the recipient of this award should inspire and motivate their students and have a significant impact in their school community. 

Outstanding Dance Educator in PK-12 - Established (6+ years of experience)

Outstanding Dance Educator in PK-12 - Emerging (less than 6 years of experience)

Outstanding Dance Education Researcher

This award recognizes an individual who has made a unique contribution to the field of dance education through creative and/or scholarly research. The recipient of this award should cultivate the importance of scholarly and creative research throughout the field of dance education.

Outstanding Dance Education Researcher

Eligibility Requirements

  • Nominees DO NOT need to be members of NDEO at time of application for an award.
  • The nominator does not need to be a member of NDEO.
  • A person may nominate themselves (self-nominate), except for Lifetime Achievement.
  • Current NDEO Board of Director Members are not eligible for a National Award in 2023.
  • No person that has received a National Award in the past five years (2018-2022) is eligible for a National Award in 2023

Nomination Guidelines

  • All award nominees may self-nominate except for Lifetime Achievement.
  • Obtain permission from the nominee prior to submitting materials.
  • Submit all required information in the online nomination form by the published deadline.
  • Please be sure to list the nominee's name as they would like it reflected on the award and all published materials.

Additional Information

  • The nominee’s name should be submitted as he/she wishes it to appear on all NDEO printed materials, including the actual award.
  • To apply for the award, nominator/nominee must complete the Phase 1 quick online application form. The link to the Phase 1 interest application can be found on this page. The Longer Phase 2 application form will be emailed out to interested applicants. 
  • Nominators (individual or organization) may nominate only one (1) candidate in each category.
  • Nominators and award recipients should expect to attend the Virtual Awards Ceremony in September 2023, prior to the National Conference. Exact date is TBD.
  • If attending National Conference award recipients are invited to a special event at National Conference with NDEO's Board or Directors and Staff.
  • Awards will be given only when warranted at the sole discretion of the Awards Committee.
  • The committee, at its discretion, may hold interviews with appropriate persons from the candidate’s work environment.
  • Nominations will not be held over for submission the following year.
  • Only the required materials will be reviewed. Additional materials will not be forwarded to the evaluation