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NHSDA Collegiate Program

The NHSDA Collegiate Program is designed to honor the accomplishments of outstanding undergraduate or graduate students studying dance in a dance major, minor, or elective program at a postsecondary institution. An NHSDA Collegiate Program Chapter can be implemented in any postsecondary institution that supports accredited dance coursework. The institution is required to maintain an NDEO Institutional Membership - Higher Education for as long as the institution hosts an NHSDA Collegiate Program.

A faculty member must be willing to serve as the Chapter Sponsor, but students can take leadership roles in creating and maintaining the chapter. The chapter can be set up as a one-time honor, as a program of an existing student organization, or as a stand-alone student organization or club with officers, regular meetings, and planned activities. Students must become members of NDEO at either the Undergraduate Student or Graduate Student level in order to be inducted and to receive Graduation with Honors.

There is a one-time fee associated with both Student Induction and Graduation with Honors. Additional fees apply for the optional NHSDA pin and honor cords. Please consult the NHSDA Collegiate Chapter Sponsor Handbook for complete information on starting and maintaining a chapter at your institution and all applicable fees.

NHSDA Collegiate Program Goals:
  • To encourage exploration of dance education pedagogy, choreography, performance, research, community outreach, and advocacy in the context of a broad dance program.
  • To stimulate dialogue and networking between students, faculty, and experts in the field.
  • To promote the use of standards in dance education curriculum and teaching methods.
  • To develop future leaders in the field of dance arts education and performance.

NHSDA Collegiate Chapter Sponsor Handbook

The NHSDA Collegiate Chapter Sponsor Handbook is a must-read for all new chapter sponsors and student officers in charge of NHSDA administration. It reviews in-depth procedures for establishing and managing a chapter, tracking and awarding points, and conducting recognition ceremonies as well as all pertinent forms. Click here to view the Collegiate Chapter Sponsor Handbook.


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