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Dance Arts Now!

Dance Arts Now! is the official newsletter of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts™ (NHSDA) Junior and Secondary Programs (for Middle & High School Students). The publication gives student inductees and their chapter sponsors a chance to be published and recognized. SUBMIT your story, poem, article, chapter news, photos and MORE! We want to hear from you.

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 2024 Summer Issue Dance Arts Now! NHSDA Newsletter / Graduation caps thrown in the sky

Get published! Students and Teachers can both submit items for publication.

Students who are not yet inducted into the NHSDA may submit items and earn up to 2 points per item submitted towards induction. Limit 6 points total towards induction.


We produce 4 issues a year – Back to School (Sept), Holidays (Nov), Spring (Feb), End of School (May). Submissions are accepted year-round and should be emailed to NHSDA Newsletter Editor Colleen Dean ( and

  • All literary submissions must be in Word format (no PDF files accepted). Photos and other images can accompany articles.
  • Word Count - up to 900 words for articles or stories (approx. 3 pages). Note: Some light editing may be required.
  • All materials must include author's name/age, sponsor/advisor name, and school.
  • All honor society inductees, including students and advisors, may submit materials.
  • In addition, students who are in the process of earning points for induction may also submit items.
  • All Poems will be published as submitted.
  • All photography must clearly state who took the picture (photographer credits) and identify who is in the picture.
  • Some accepted articles may be included in future editions.

Newsletter Topics

  • Written reviews of choreography, books, film, apps, etc. anything dance & arts related
  • Articles such as "Why I Dance," "My Summer Dance Experience," "My Inspiration for Choreography," "How a Teacher/Friend Inspired me"
  • Poetry, illustrations, photography, art work that are dance related (JPEG image files accepted - no PDF files)
  • Community Service Reviews
  • Chapter News or Inductees in the news
  • Awards received, scholarships received, college acceptances
  • Longer writings, which will be published in serial form. These can be short stories, research papers, art, and more!  

Publication Method

Via PDF file emailed to NHSDA Chapter Sponsors and NHSDA student inductees.

Questions? Please call the NDEO home office at 301-585-2880.