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Collegiate Handbook

Graduation with Honors Criteria

Earned Participation Points and Essay Submission

This category reflects points earned for meritorious participation in each of three major strands of the NHSDA National Collegiate Point System. Chapter Sponsors may use their discretion within the Point System in awarding points – from zero to the maximum – according to the quality of the work performed in a given activity. After being Inducted following the NHSDA Collegiate Induction Criteria, students will continue to accumulate points until they have earned the points required for Graduation with Honors. 

To qualify for Graduation with Honors within the Collegiate Program, a student must earn 15 points beyond their initial induction requirements for a total of 60 points. Graduation with Honors candidates should submit documentation (e.g., programs, signed letters of participation) for any activities outside of the chapter’s program to the Chapter Sponsor.

Students applying for Graduation with Honors will need to submit a 500-1,000 word essay to their NHSDA Chapter Sponsor that describes how their participation in dance and the NHSDA has impacted their academics, leadership skills, artistry and life choices, or an equivalent essay as approved by the Chapter Sponsor. This essay should not be turned into NDEO.

Demonstration of Character

A student must receive an above average character reference from their Chapter Sponsor or another dance professor familiar with the student’s character and work ethic. 

For Graduation with Honors, the Chapter Sponsor or dance professor affirms the qualities observed for Induction. The character reference expands to be more inclusive of group and society observing one’s ability to motivate others, offer thoughtful solutions that unite rather than divide, exercise judicious behavior in communications, do team-building, offer creative paths to new directions, encourage others to lead, and develop tangible personal and professional responsibilities to dance (as an interest, profession, or life-long learning experience) at local, state and national levels. 

Determinations made for Character References are frequently made through personal observation and interaction with the student and peers, and the solicitation of input from other faculty either verbally or in writing. 

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The NHSDA requires a minimum of a 3.5 GPA for Graduation with Honors. 

The GPA is calculated on either the overall GPA (combined subject areas) or the dance GPA (academic excellence within the dance discipline), as determined by the chapter sponsor or faculty advisor in light of chapter goals and institutional policies. The dance GPA works especially well in schools that offer a broad spectrum of coursework consisting of dance technique, choreography and composition, movement sciences (anatomy, kinesiology, Bartenieff, Palates, etc.), dance pedagogy (teaching methodology, standards and assessments, education theory and practicum, etc.), and specific academic courses (history, criticism, literature, research, philosophic foundation of dance, etc.). 

The overall GPA works especially well in schools that offer accredited electives in dance but do not offer a full dance major or minor program. 

All GPA records should be maintained by the sponsor or appropriate school personnel and should be handled in a manner that respects the privacy of the student and is in compliance with FERPA regulations.