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Junior/Secondary Handbook

Steps for Induction

The Chapter Sponsor should complete the following steps to induct their students:

  1. Review all student records: document points and GPA and complete an Induction Rubric for each student. The Induction Rubric is provided for the Chapter Sponsor’s use in determining when a student is eligible for induction. It is for the Chapter Sponsor’s records/files. You do not need to turn these in to NDEO.
  2. Set and publicize a date and plan the induction ceremony: Begin planning the induction ceremony. An induction ceremony may take the form of an informal event conducted at an NHSDA meeting, or it may be set up as a formal affair to which parents and members of the school community are invited. The format of the induction ceremony is determined by the sponsor. Induction ceremonies have been conducted at restaurants and after performances or shows, and have included guest speakers, the lighting of a candle, and reciting of a chapter pledge. It is a great opportunity for a student to earn points by creating a unique chapter pledge. The Chapter Sponsor is encouraged to come up with a plan that meets the needs of the school as well as the desires of the students. Induction Ceremony Ideas can be found in the resources section of the handbook.
  3. Have the students apply for Induction: They can apply here. MAKE SURE THE STUDENT SPELLS THEIR NAME CORRECTLY and exactly as they'd like it to be formatted on their induction certificate. You will receive an email confirmation when a student has applied for Induction.
  4. When you have received the email confirmations for all of the students for the current induction cycle
    • Log in to your NDEO Account to Induct Students
    • Click on Manage NHSDA Chapter(s) in your Dashboard
    • On the next page click on Manage Chapters 
    • Click on the chapter where you would like to process inductions    
    • Click on the Purple INDUCT STUDENTS HERE button at the top of the page. You will see a list of students who have applied for induction. 
    • Enter the GPA and Points in the boxes provided for the corresponding student you are inducting. 
    • Select the type of induction you would like give the student: Induction with Self-Print Certificate ($8), Induction with Mailed Certificate ($12), or Induction + Graduation with Honors ($30.50)* and then click on the Pay Fee? checkbox next to the names of students you are inducting
      • *Induction + Graduation with Honors is given to Seniors who haven't been inducted yet and the Chapter Sponsor would like to give them Graduation with Honors and Induct them at the same time
    • Click on ADD ALL CHECKED INDUCTIONS TO CART. A pop-up will appear and you can either induct more students, add cords/pins to your cart, or check out
    • OPTIONAL:Below the list of names, you will be able to add pins and cords to your order. Add the quantity you would like to order and click ADD TO CART. Once you have added the correct number of pins and cords (optional step), click GO TO CART AND CHECKOUT.
    • Your Shopping Cart will appear, please check to make sure nothing is missing and at this time you can select if you would like the items to be billed to chapter so the institution will be listed on the invoice. Students will not be inducted until the fees are paid.
    • After making sure everything looks good click the Checkout button at the bottom of the screen.
    • If you ordered items that will be shipped please fill out the Shipping Information and then click Continue at the bottom of the page.
    • In the Payment section you can pay with Credit Card or you can click on Bill Me if you need to get the invoice approved before paying.Students will not be inducted until the fees are paid. Follow the on screen directions for Bill Me to print the invoice. Outstanding invoices can be viewed in your NHSDA portal.
  5. If you have selected the Sponsor Print option to print the inducted student's certificates: The option to print the student's certificate will appear after the induction fee has been paid. You also have the option of reprinting your student's certificates.
    • Go back to NHSDA dashboard by following the directions above
    • Scroll down to the Student Roster section and find the student whose certificate you would like to print
    • Click on the printer symbol next to their name in the Options column Print Certificates
    • A new screen will appear with their certificate and you can either save it as a PDF or print it right then
    • Sign each certificate on the Chapter Sponsor signature line: You can hand out the certificates during the induction ceremony or at another convenient time. Don't forget to provide a list of the inductees to appropriate school personnel so that their induction will be noted in student transcripts or other records.

Printable Induction Instructions