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Collegiate Handbook

General Summary

What are the benefits of the NHSDA and induction?

By establishing an NHSDA chapter at your school you will help advance the field of dance education while celebrating the artistic and academic achievements of your exceptional dance students. These students deserve the honor and prestige that comes from their achievement in dance. Many are working hard on academics and leadership while perfecting their dance craft not only at school but also outside of school. The personal gratification that students receive from being inducted into the NHSDA is a boost to their self-esteem. It is a win-win for all; the student, the school, and the field.

Student Benefits
  1. Recognition of their artistic merit, academic achievement, and leadership throughout their educational experience (Junior High - Collegiate) 
  2. Certificates at each level of induction, opportunity to wear the gold Honor Pin and blue and white Honor Cord
  3. Mentorship from Chapter Sponsor and networking with peers
  4. Leadership and development opportunities within their NHSDA Chapter, as they can assist the Chapter Sponsor with Chapter administration, record keeping, fundraising, and event planning

All student inductees will receive an official certificate of induction. Inducted students are eligible to wear the NHSDA gold pin. All Inductees who continue on to earn Graduation with Honors Students will receive a second certificate, and are eligible to wear the blue and white Honor Cord at graduation. All students are encouraged to cite their NHSDA induction and honors in scholarship applications and/or resumes for employment.

Institutional Benefits
  1. Establishing an NHSDA Chapter allows you to recognize your outstanding students for their artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement, creating parity with other academic disciplines who sponsor honor societies
  2. Your institution will be searchable on the NHSDA website, allowing for additional promotion of your program internationally
  3. NHSDA can serve as a recruitment tool, attracting students who are familiar with the National Honor Society for Dance Arts from their high school programs as well as those who wish to become a part of this dynamic national organization
Benefit for the Field of Dance Education

By recognizing outstanding dance students nationwide for their artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement and providing institutions with a way to promote their dance programs, NHSDA helps to advance the field of dance education centered in the arts. 

How is the NHSDA program structured?

The National Honor Society for Dance Arts is run on an institutional basis. NHSDA Chapters at the Collegiate level are set up at individual colleges and universities, and only students who are enrolled at that school may apply for induction. A dance faculty member must serve as the official Chapter Sponsor for the NHSDA Chapter at that location. Student volunteers may assist the Chapter Sponsor at the sponsor’s discretion, but all communication with NDEO must be conducted by the Chapter Sponsor. Individual students, not enrolled at a school that hosts a current NHSDA Chapter, are not eligible for induction.

Who can start a chapter of the Collegiate Program of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts?

An NHSDA Collegiate Program Chapter can be implemented in any postsecondary institution that supports accredited dance coursework. The school can offer a dance major, a dance minor, or for-credit elective courses in dance. The institution is required to maintain an NDEO Institutional Membership - Higher Education for as long as the institution conducts an NHSDA Collegiate Program. A faculty member must be willing to serve as Chapter Sponsor.

Does the school need an NDEO membership?

In order to establish a school chapter, the school first must obtain an NDEO Membership at the Institutional Member - Higher Education level. A Chapter Sponsor (a dance faculty member) should be identified and listed as the primary contact on the NDEO membership application. The NDEO membership must be renewed every year if the chapter is to remain active. Membership information, costs and an online sign-up option are provided on the NDEO website at Typically the school’s administration pays the dues, however, sometimes dance booster clubs or student groups provide funding.

How do students get inducted and receive Graduation with Honors recognition?

Induction into NHSDA is earned through the accumulation of points awarded for meritorious work in dance that meets the honor society’s general guidelines (click here for National Collegiate Point System). In addition, students must meet a minimum GPA requirement and demonstration of character, manifested through collaborative teamwork, motivation, and leadership in the many aspects of dance that may include choreography, performance, teaching, and production. 

At the Collegiate Level, the student must hold an NDEO Undergraduate or Graduate Student Membership at time of Induction and Graduation with Honors, maintain a GPA of at least 3.5/4.0, and earn a minimum of number points of approved activities in three strands (Artistic Merit, Leadership, and Academic Achievement) in 6 of 10 categories as cited in the NHSDA Collegiate National Point System.

  • For NHSDA Induction, students need to earn a minimum of 45 points.
  • For Graduation with Honors, students need to earn an additional 15 points for a total of 60 points, and submit a 500 -1,000 maximum word essay to their NHSDA Chapter Sponsor that describes their career goals and how the NHSDA and NDEO have impacted their career and life choices, or an equivalent essay written in senior thesis projects, Capstone exit writing, etc.  

There is a one time Induction fee and a one time Graduation with Honors fee (please note that it is no longer possible to Induct Students and confer Graduation with Honors in the same transaction). The fees cover the costs of certificates and shipping. Please see Program Costs for information on fees and how to submit payment.

What does a Chapter Sponsor do?

An NHSDA Collegiate Chapter is formed at the institutional level and is managed by a designated faculty member who serves as the Chapter Sponsor. The role of the Chapter Sponsor is critical in the implementation of a chapter in that the sponsor serves as the primary advisor for student inductees and aspiring inductees. The Chapter Sponsor’s responsibilities are to:

  • Set up an NDEO Institutional Membership - Higher Education at if your school does not already have one.
  • Fill out the New Chapter application at (You will need your school’s 4 or 5 digit NDEO Institutional Member Number for verification purposes.)
  • Set up the chapter in cooperation with the school/studio policy and administrative guidelines.  Some schools may require that you have a club constitution or bylaws.
  • Promote the chapter within the school/studio community
  • Monitor student progress toward meeting induction and Graduation (You can utilize parent or student volunteers to help.)
  • Ensure that students become members of NDEO by registering and paying their membership dues at
  • Collect and pay induction fees (one time fee of $8/student)
  • Collect and pay graduation with honor fees (one time fee of $8/student)
  • Ensure that students apply for induction at
  • Induct students via the online process at
  • Approve students for Graduation with Honors at
  • Coordinate Induction and Graduation with Honors ceremonies (if desired)
  • Provide Induction and Graduation with Honor information to appropriate school or school district personnel so that induction can be noted on student transcripts
  • Order optional gold honor pins at $8.50/each (all inductees) and honor cords at $17.50/each (Graduation with Honors recipients)

The Chapter Sponsor may or may not be the contact person for the NDEO Institutional Membership. However, the Chapter Sponsor is highly encouraged to have a membership with NDEO, either as the contact person on the Institutional Account or through their own Professional Membership.