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Collegiate Handbook

Student Induction Information

How does a student apply for Induction?

Students are responsible for documenting all their activities that are worthy of points. Students can track their points using the Point Tracking Worksheet or another method such as a spreadsheet, portfolio, or online system. Documentation must be submitted to the Chapter Sponsor by the requested deadline (to be determined by the sponsor). The student will then apply for induction at 'Apply for Induction' page. The student will need to be logged into their undergrad or graduate membership account to apply for induction.

What does role does the Chapter Sponsor play in the Induction process?

The Chapter Sponsor should guide the students through the Induction process by providing them with all necessary information and resources, including requirements, deadlines, fees, etc. He or she should explain the criteria for Induction and notify students that records of their activities will be maintained. Records for each prospective and active inductee should be made available for their perusal. The Chapter Sponsor also should provide a calendar that specifies deadlines for submitting documentation for induction.

The Chapter Sponsor will be responsible for approving / verifying points earned and for determining when each student has met the criteria for Induction. Once documentation of points has been provided by the student, the Chapter Sponsor will fill out the Induction Rubric for each applicant to maintain for the Chapter’s records. The Chapter Sponsor can then log into their account to finish the induction process. The Chapter Sponsor should submit induction approvals and payments at least three weeks before the induction ceremony in order to allow ample time for the NDEO home office to print and mail the induction certificates. 

Chapter Sponsors must also complete the transaction for induction fees (which include the certificate) and order the optional honor pins or cords if desired by students. Students/parents cannot pay individual induction fees or order pins or cords.

What do students receive when they are inducted?

All students will receive official certificates of Induction; these can either be printed and mailed to the school from the NDEO Home Office ($12 fee) or the sponsor can print them/save them as a PDF ($8 fee). There is an additional fee for the optional gold honor pins for Student Induction and blue/white Honor Cords for graduating seniors. See Program Costs for information on fees and how to submit payment. 

When are inductions held?

NHSDA Inductions are conducting on a rolling basis, with Chapter Sponsors determining the timeline for Induction that works best for the Chapter. There is no national deadline for Induction. Chapters may hold Inductions as many times as is necessary throughout the year, however, the average appears to be two inductions a year – once before winter/holiday break and again in May/June. The Chapter Sponsor should select an induction date and tell students to have all proof of points earned turned in and their online application completed through the Student Application Page at least 5 weeks before the induction date. This gives the teacher a week to assimilate the names/points, complete the Induction Rubric for each student, verify inductions, collect the fees, submit payment for induction fees, order the pins or honor cords and plan the ceremony. To ensure that the NHSDA items are delivered before the induction ceremony, please make sure you complete the online induction application and pay the fees at a minimum of three weeks before the induction date.