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Dance A Difference Week

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March 3-9, 2024

A week of dance based community service spread throughout the nation

NDEO invites all individual participants and chapters of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA) to join us in celebrating "Dance A Difference Week" - A week dedicated to dance-based service and volunteerism in our communities.  Check out the Blog about Dance A Difference Week!

4 Reasons Why Students Should Participate in Dance A Difference Week

  1. Building empathy and compassion: Volunteering exposes NHSDA inductees to diverse experiences and perspectives, fostering empathy and understanding towards others who may be less fortunate or facing challenges.
  2. Developing leadership skills: Volunteering provides opportunities for NHSDA inductees to take on leadership roles, whether it's organizing events, coordinating with other volunteers, or spearheading projects. These experiences help them develop crucial leadership skills that will serve them well in the future.
  3. Enhancing social skills: Volunteering often involves working in teams and interacting with people from various backgrounds. This helps NHSDA inductees improve their communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills, which are essential for success in both personal and professional life.
  4. Building self-esteem and confidence: Accomplishing tasks and making a positive impact through volunteering can boost self-esteem and confidence in NHSDA inductees. It helps them recognize their own abilities and value, empowering them to tackle challenges with resilience and determination.


How to Participate

No extra NHSDA paperwork or application. Just brainstorm your ideas, make the plans, and starting DOING.  And then share it on social media. It is that simple.


Teach a dance class or perform for members of your community

You can teach a workshop to a specific group in need such as those with disabilities or youth in an underprivileged area, or just open up your studio to host an all-inclusive free dance workshop for community members. And don't forget a dance performance brings joy to the elderly in assisted living facilities.

Fund raise money or collect donations

You can raise money for a local charity, a national dance organization, or any group in your community you think deserves the help. You might raise money through bake sales, virtual workshops, or even ticket sales of a special virtual Dance A Difference Week performance!

Complete a chapter service project in your community

Make blankets or assemble hygiene kits for those in need, or find any local organization who needs volunteers. Need ideas? Visit

Share your #DanceADifferenceWeek experience

Don't forget to share your experience! Use the hashtags #NHSDA and #DanceADifference to show us how you are serving in your community. We might even share your experience on our social media pages to inspire other chapters to join in and give back to their communities.