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Training Guidelines

Before LYBW begins, we determine which activities will happen in which classes. These choices will vary based on the specific programming you offer.  Information about each activity is shared with teachers at least a week ahead of time.  This gives instructors time to read over the information that applies to their students, and to ask questions before the week begins.  

In our program, we have found great success in having NHSDA members facilitate activities for younger students.  This of course puts a huge amount of responsibility on their shoulders.  Our NHSDA members gather for a meeting before LYBW begins.  We read through all the activities together, and they are each given time to practice on one another.  Time and time again we are struck by how eloquent, capable and well-prepared these dancers are.  Still, it’s important to remember that they are students.  Instructors always stay in the room and participate while the activities are happening, and are encouraged to jump in and support our teens in any way that feels appropriate.  We are clear with our NHSDA members that they always have the option of asking teachers for help.  

If anything comes up in a class that concerns a teacher or NHSDA member, we ask that they contact Mary and Rachel immediately, so that we can determine the necessary next steps (generally contacting our Director, as well as the dancer’s parents).  It is important to have a communication plan like this in place. The point of LYBW is not to discuss or treat any sort of disorder or illness, and as such we ask that teachers and NHSDA members never try to take on the role of a counselor or therapist.