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Dance in Communities: Partnerships, Advocacy, and Audience Building

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June 10 - July 21, 2024

Professor: Ali Duffy

Tuition: $310 member / $385 non-member

6 Weeks; 1.5 NDEO-Endorsed PDCs

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This 6-week mini course centers wholly on dance advocacy and activism through community- or socialy-engaged work. This course will explore civic infrastructure, audience development, grant writing/fundraising, partnerships, and advocacy. The stakes of and public discussion around dance as an economic and political force in the United States widens the scope of the course to bridge local action with national and international impact. You will also develop your own personally-relevant community engagement and advocacy plan as part of this course. 

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Student Testimonials

"This has benefitted me as a teacher because I now have a clearer definition of community dance and I can take this back and discuss with students. There are also some great examples provided throughout this course that I think some students will be interested in. I liked the package of resources and readings. I appreciate the prompts to try to make the course material personally relevant."

"As a teacher, this course validated what I had been experiencing at a community based level. It allowed me to understand what makes a community successful and the work and measures it takes to maintain such communities, especially those revolving around the field of dance."

"What I liked about this course was all the different examples that were set to explain what makes a good community and how certain circumstances impact communities big and small. I also loved how there was an element of politics involved, which is something that does fascinate me and feel not studied enough, especially in dance."

"In addition to being a Dance Educator, I am also a Grant Manager. Developing community partnerships is central to the grant I manage. In addition, it was valuable to receive information and literature readings to support building community partnerships, community engagement and NEA Grant information."

"I benefitted from this course because it has made me more powerful as an influencer of dance education in the public community. I know more than I did before (and have the resources) about gaining grant money and being inspired to utilize these opportunities."


Professor Bio

headshot of Ali Duffy, a white woman with blond hair wearing a blue dress

Ali Duffy (PhD, MFA) is Professor, Associate Head, & Graduate Director of Dance at Texas Tech University, the Artistic Director of Flatlands Dance Theatre (, and co-founder and director of the International Parenting and Dance Network. Dr. Duffy is the author of Dancing Motherhood (2023, Routledge), Meet the Dancemakers (2023, Raider press), and Careers in Dance (2020, Human Kinetics). Two additional books, Pandemic Motherhood: Exploring the COVID-19 Pandemic through Applied and Engaged Arts (Routledge) and Research in Dance (Human Kinetics) are in process. Her research has also been published in Research in Dance Education, the Journal of Dance Education, the Journal of Dance Medicine and ScienceDance Education in Practice, and the Journal of Arts Management, Society, and Law, and she presents internationally at academic conferences. Recent guest opportunities include at the University of South Florida, Virginia Tech, Central Michigan University, Alma College, University of Detroit, Lindenwood University, and COCO Dance Festival. Her work is supported by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Mid-America Arts Alliance, Texas Commission on the Arts, and multiple regional foundations.


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