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Dance Kinesiology and Applied Teaching Practice

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Professor:  Robin Kish

Tuition: $550 member / $625 non-member

12 Weeks; 3 NDEO-Endorsed PDCs

Jan. 29 - April 21, 2024

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This course provides an introduction to the field of dance kinesiology with an emphasis on applied teaching practices. The course will provide participants with a strong foundation in anatomy and kinesiology to help maximize performance and minimize potential injuries of their students. Participants will learn how to create environments to promote healthy approaches in the training of dancers which include injury basics, developmentally safe practices, nutrition and the creation of a medical support network. The information provided in the course is based upon proven principles and methodologies gathered from current research. As an educator it is important to clearly define the anatomical potential and limitations of individual dancers in order to maximize technical training and performance. This course will provide you with the confidence that you are using safe and effective training principles to minimize injury in your students.

Books Required: Biel, Andrew. Trail Guide to the body (5th Edition); Morton, Jennie & Kish, Robin (2017) The Embodied Dancer: A Guide to Optimal Performance on apple ibooks or amazon/kindle

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Past Student Testimonials

So many new things to add to my class. I love the way it integrates everything: dance, anatomy, nutrition, psychology..."

"This course has provided me with materials and important information to know when it comes to dancing, as well as being a dance teacher. I am able to apply the lessons I have learn to my teaching and I do believe I am and will be a better teacher."

"I wasn't sure what Kinesiology really entailed. But, I gained a lot of knowledge on how to help my students prevent injury and best practices to take care of themselves."

"I found it really helpful to formally learn the kinesiology and applied practice of anatomy and dance. It felt like a great foundation was placed that I can continue to grow from."

"I learned so much from this course about the anatomy of our bodies."

"I've used a lot of [what I learned in the course] while teaching my students and helping with their current injuries."

"all the projects were relevant, and the information was very applicable for teaching in a studio."

"Taking this course reinforced previous knowledge and gave me the opportunity to explore ways to further integrate concepts into my teaching. I have brought many aspects of this class forward in my studio teaching this semester and am excited to continue to develop this aspect of my teaching practice."

"This course has helped me to become a better teacher in case one of my students gets hurt or they ask me a specific question about the body. I really liked how I was able to easily picture the bones or muscles in my mind while I was hearing about them. It helped me to better explain to my students what the body was doing."

Professor Bio

Robin Kish, MFA, MS, earned her MFA in kinesiology and pedagogy from the University of California/Irvine and her MS in exercise physiology and biomechanics from California State University/Fullerton. She is a licensed massage therapist and certified in Pilates. Since 2006, she has been on the faculty of Chapman University where she teaches Dance Kinesiology and Injury Prevention, Movement Anatomy and Exercise Physiology, Dance in World Cultures, Pilates Conditioning, Ballet for Non-majors, Ballet Technique, Conditioning, and a Pilates Certification Course. She guest lectures for Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, and Education Departments. She has authored numerous publications and has given extensive presentations on anatomy, kinesiology, and original research. She is an active member in the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science, Performing Arts Medicine Association, American College of Sports Medicine, and the Pilates Method Alliance as well as NDEO. Robin teaches OPDI-110: Dance Kinesiology and Applied Teaching Practices.

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