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Poster Presentations

3 students pose in front of a Poster presentation at NDEO National Conference in Atlanta

Apply to present a Poster at the NDEO 2023 National Conference

Deadline to Submit: 6/2/23

Your poster may represent scholarship in community engagement, service learning, teaching practices, research proposal, or completed research results.


You may use the following prompts to help guide your Poster Presentation.


  • What does leadership look like in your unique role as a Studio Teacher? Owner? University Professor? Elementary School Dance Specialist? Community Program Instructor? Early Childhood Dance Educator? Department Chair? High School Dance Teacher? Choreographer? University Dance Student?
  • What leadership tools, assessments, and strategies have helped you grow into a better dance educator?
  • What would you tell other dance educators about embracing leadership roles?
  • How have you seen your students lead through the NHSDA program?
  • How do we shed harmful or outdated definitions of authority and instead embrace collaborative leadership as dance educators in service of our students and communities?
  • How do you create healthy relationships with parents? How have you improved relationships with administrators to create an environment of collaboration?
  • How have you made an impact as a leader in your NDEO affinity group, Special Interest Group (SIG), committee, or State Affiliate Organization? Or in a similar role in your organization or school?
  • How has teaching dance prepared you for unexpected leadership responsibilities being assigned to you?
3 attendees discuss the Poster presentation in front of them


Selected proposal presenters will be notified around 7/10/23. All accepted presenters and co-presenters will need to be members of NDEO and registered for the conference by 8/1/23.

How to Submit Your Proposal


  1. Go to your Member Dashboard on the NDEO website.
  2. Click on Awards in the lefthand menu.
  3. Find 2023 Call For Posters and click the purple Apply button
  4. There is no option to save and continue later - please complete your proposal in a separate document and copy/paste your answers when you're ready to submit. 
a student poses in front of a Poster presentation at NDEO National Conference in Atlanta


  • If you have a user login for this website (e.g. expired members, non-members who have signed up for NDEO programs in the past), use those credentials to log into the NDEO website and follow the steps for members above. 
  • If you do not have a user login for this site, you must first Create an Account by clicking here. Once you have an account, you can follow the steps above. 
  • Return and click here to pay your $15 Proposal Submission Fee

Login Issues?

If you have any issues logging into the website and accessing your Member Dashboard, please email

Types of Posters

Your poster may represent scholarship in teaching, research, or community engagement.

Community Engagement Poster should include:

  • Name, faculty advisor (for students) , name of home institution and Community Partner
  • Project title, and abstract up to 400 words
  • Purpose
  • Background information
  • Description of project
  • Description of outcomes
  • Reflections by participants
  • Photos, Drawings
  • Sample plans
  • Programs
  • Reflections by author
  • References
  • Acknowledgements

Teaching Poster should include:

  • Name, name of home institution
  • Course/class title
  • Background information/theoretical framework as appropriate
  • Course/class content
  • Student responses
  • Photos
  • Student drawings
  • Sample lesson plan
  • Teacher reflection
  • Discussion/Conclusion
  • References
  • Acknowledgements

Research Poster (use APA format for references) should include:

  • Name, (for students) faculty advisor, name of home institution
  • Project title
  • Background literature/theoretical framework as appropriate
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion/Conclusion
  • References
  • Acknowledgements

Poster Resources

Designing the Poster Using Power Point

Designing Effective Posters (UNC)

Printing the Poster

Most Universities have places where you can print a poster. Check with your library or computer support center. All Kinkos print posters; however, they are much more expensive then the on-campus offices. After printing the poster, roll and carry in a bag or tube.

Presenting the Poster

Ten Simple Rules for a Good Poster Presentation (PMC)

Creating Effective Poster Presentations (NCSU)


Guidance for Giving a Poster Presentation