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2024 Data Special Topic Conference

Announcing a new NDEO Special Topic Conference

What Data Can Do for You:
Data-Driven Opportunities in Dance Education

February 24 - 25, 2024
Oakland University School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Varner Hall - 371 Varner Drive, Rochester, MI 48309
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Oakland University and NDEO invites dance educators from K-12, higher education, and the private sector to come together in person for this Special Topics Conference to spark creativity, embrace the joy of communal experience, and hold space for the myriad ways we can work together to create data-driven and evidence-based methods of Dance Education. Connect with others to create, collaborate, plan, and strategize how we can advance our field and meet the needs of our students in the 21st century. We look forward to working with you to create new perspectives that will help propel the field of Dance Education forward.

Collaborating on developing strategies for data-driven Dance Education can teach us much about what is essential and meaningful. Presenters used the following guiding questions to develop conference sessions:

  • How can we use case study as well as statistical analysis to explore our effectiveness? Are these methods the best way to assess our teaching practices?
  • In what ways can data be used to better communicate and advocate for dance education? How can we most effectively speak to those outside our field?
  • What kind of research collaborations can we do to demonstrate connections between students who participate in dance programs and staying in school, graduating, and college attendance?
  • Is it meaningful to explore the correlation between K-12 Dance education and success in testing, or is this something that should be left behind?
  • How can we create curriculum that allows us to teach 21st century skills through dance?
  • How can we use data to evaluate our standards and more effectively teach dance literacy?
  • How can dance be used most effectively to enhance content learning as well as create arts integrated projects? How should these projects be evaluated and what data should be collected?
  • How should we assess areas like trauma informed teaching in the dance classroom and studio, teaching dance to students with disabilities, educational psychology, family and community connections, and national standards? What does data-driven education mean for these important aspects of Dance Education?

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