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Member Updates: Summer 2022 Edition, Part 1

NDEO’s Guest Blog Series features posts written by our members about their experiences in the fields of dance and dance education. Guest posts reflect the experiences, opinions, and viewpoints of the author and are printed here with their permission. NDEO does not endorse any business, product, or service mentioned in guest blog posts. If you are interested in learning more about the guest blogger program or submitting an article for consideration, please click here.

This summer, we find ourselves reflecting on the tenacity and dedication of our members and their students. This year posed many unique challenges for the dance education community, even as the world slowly began to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. In celebration of another year of persistence and innovation, we asked our members to share some of their accomplishments from the past year. Here is just a sample of the responses we received:

“This last year I continued my role as Co- President of the California Dance Education Association (CDEA). With the assistance of our equity consultant, the Executive and Greater Board revised our vision and mission statement: CDEA envisions dance reimagined; reflective of our differences and supportive of all who dance and teach dance; a world where dance education is accessible and valued. I love this vision and hope that our work will continue to cultivate an inclusive and equitable dance field.” - Cherie Hill, Director of Arts Leadership at HMD/The Bridge Project and Past President of the California Dance Education Association (CDEA)

“This past school year I took a leap of faith and left my comfort zone of teaching high school dance for 8 years and was offered to start the first middle school dance program in Yuma, AZ. My classroom was an old art room; no mirrors, cement floors, cabinets, and sinks. Dance was brand new to all the students and many had no clue what dance in the school even was. It was a challenge of “winning” over the students for the first several months, but we ended the year with the first ever dance showcase. I converted the gym into a performance space, found some costumes, and we did it! Nine months later I have students that are excited about dance, mirrors on my walls, marley on my floors, no more sinks or cabinets, and parent and administrative support. I can’t wait to see dance flourish in middle school!” - Jennifer Florey, Dance Teacher at Castle Dome Middle School

“I brought the Limón Dance Company and Dance Now Miami together to perform The Waldstein Sonata, with 4 dancers from each company dancing the work together. This work was started by José Limón in 1971 but never finished, as he took ill and passed away in 1972. The unfinished work remained dormant until 1975, when Martha Hill, the director of the Dance Division of the Juilliard School, and Peter Mennin, the president of Juilliard, approached me about completing the work for the Juilliard Dance Ensemble. It premiered on April 26th 1975. The Limón Dance Company and Dance Now Miami performed it together in Miami in May 2022, and next November, 2022, they will perform it in New York. It was so good to bring my NYC and Miami lives together.” - Daniel Lewis, Retired but Still Working

“I joined the dance faculty at Dean College as a Tap Instructor and was inspired to design a syllabus that included tap history and historical repertoire as well as modules in technique, improvisation, music theory, and musical theatre. I look forward to continuing my research into teaching tap in a college setting and would like to collaborate with other college tap instructors to share ideas and best practices.” - Thelma Goldberg, Director, The Dance Inn and Creator, Thelma's Tap Notes

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