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NDEO Strategic Plan and Bylaws

The NDEO board and staff worked on several important initiatives in 2022, which were guided by the organization's Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (JDEI) Initiative. Click here for information on this 2021 initiative facilitated by our consultant Maryland Nonprofits.

Strategic Plan 2023 - 2027

Throughout 2022, the organization immersed itself in a strategic planning process. We chose Maryland Nonprofits as our consultant partner due to our ongoing relationship and their insight into our current work, both cultivated during the prior year's JDEI Initiative. The strategic planning process was overseen by a representative workgroup of members, board, and staff. The process included: survey data from the membership; focus groups with members, board, and staff; and a market analysis. The Strategic Plan was approved by the NDEO Board on 10-15-22. The revised organizational mission, vision, and values and 2023-2027 strategic priorities are:

Revised Vision and Mission

Vision: The National Dance Education Organization envisions equitable and accessible dance education for all.

Mission: To advance dance education for all by providing professional development and cultivating a community of support, resources, advocacy, and research.

  • Inclusion: We celebrate dance education for all across every dance form, genre, sector, pedagogy, and career stage.
  • Advocacy: We recognize the importance of having a seat at the table locally, nationally, internationally to promote dance education for all.
  • Innovation: We encourage creativity/creative thinking.
  • Excellence: We are committed to doing our best for the health of the organization, service to the members, and responsiveness to the field.
  • Community: We foster an environment of understanding, cohesiveness, and respect within and across our dance education community, board members and staff.
  • Teaching and Learning: We are lifelong learners and share information, knowledge, and resources uplifting the value of dance in education, research, and society as part of human experiences.
Strategic Priorities 2023 - 2027
  1. Organization and Financial Sustainability–promote organizational and financial growth and sustainability
  2. Access and Inclusion—expand access to and increase diversity in membership participation
  3. Professional Development—develop programs that are reflective of and responsive to membership needs
  4. Advocacy—strengthen advocacy for dance education at the local, state, and national level


The Bylaws were reviewed and revised with an eye on structure, cohesion, and updates to reflect JDEI efforts. Specific updates included an added section for members, revised qualifications for serving on the board of directors and the advisory council, and updated language to reflect the infrastructure of the board of directors and the advisory council. The amended Bylaws were approved by the NDEO Board on 10-15-22. For more information view the Motion to Approve NDEO Bylaws Amendments.

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