2022 Webinar Proposal

Thank you for your interest in the NDEO Webinar Series. This series provides NDEO members with an opportunity to have their work virtually presented to both NDEO members and non-members.

Interested presenters may submit proposals on any topic directly related to dance education or related fields (arts administration, culturally relevant teaching practices, studio management, somatics, teaching online/dance technology, dance science, etc.) Examples of past webinars have included:

  • Pedagogy and Mechanics for Online Physical Dance Practice

  • Undoing White Supremacy and Responding to Trauma in Dance: How One Community Dance Program is Adapting

  • Teaching Dance Virtually to Students with Disabilities

  • Re-framing and Re-energizing: Dancers, Choreographers, and Companies in the Time of COVID

  • Ultimate Unstructured Improvisation: The Future of the Private Dance Studio

  • Embodying Latinidad: Diverse Dance Practices of Intersectional Latinx/a/o Artists in the U.S.

  • & more

Please fill out this form in its entirety to be considered for the program. You will need to submit a brief description of the presentation you are proposing to help NDEO determine what the content of the webinar will entail. You must be an NDEO member to submit a webinar proposal.

Interested presenters are encouraged to review past webinars to get a sense of the scope of topics that have been covered. In addition, please take note of the following information:

  • All submitting presenters must be current NDEO members at time of submission and presentation however, you may include non-member presenters on your submission
  • Presentations should be between 60-90 Minutes in length
  • A maximum of one submission per person, per year will be accepted to allow for more member voices to be heard
  • Webinars should not have been previously published on any national platform
  • Webinars directly advertising a program, service, or product will not be considered. Programs, services, or products may be mentioned within the piece when relevant, but the primary focus of the webinar must be sharing knowledge and information with the dance education community.
  • NDEO does not endorse any program, service, or product mentioned in webinars.
  • All presenters must be available to meet with an NDEO staff member via Zoom prior to the webinar to plan the session flow

NDEO Webinar Presenters are eligible for compensation. A webinar with only one presenter will receive $150, while a webinar with more than one presenter will receive between $200-300, at the determination of NDEO. Panelists decide how to split the joint payment and are paid individually by NDEO.

Submissions will be reviewed and considered for presentation by NDEO staff. You will be contacted about scheduling within 2-3 weeks of submission.

Revisions may be recommended, and submission may be accepted only if these recommended changes are made.

NDEO reserves the right to deny scheduling of webinars for any reason.

Please email kschultz@ndeo.org with any questions!

Thank you for your interest in the NDEO Webinar Series. This series provides NDEO members with an opportunity to have their work virtually presented to both NDEO members and non-members.

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1. Title of proposed webinar

2. Please provide a 150 word biography of the submitting presenter. (NDEO will collect additional bios upon acceptance/scheduling)

3. Please provide a detailed description of what will be covered in the webinar

4. Who is the intended audience for this webinar? (Select all that apply)
Private Dance Studio
Higher Education
Early Childhood
Dance & Disability
Performing Arts Organization
Teaching Artists
5. Which of the following best describes the theme of the proposed webinar? (Select up to 2)
Advocacy and Policy
Dance History
Dance and Equity
Leadership and Administration
Standards and Assessments
Technology in Dance Education
Dance and Disability
6. If you selected "other" to the previous question please indicate the theme of the proposed webinar

7. How will the information presented in the webinar benefit NDEO members?

8. Will you be presenting this webinar with additional panelists?
9. If yes, please list the name(s) of any additional panelists and their member status

10. Please indicate your scheduling preference(s) (i.e March 15, 2022 at 7:30 pm). You may include multiple options for consideration.