State Affiliate Year End Report 2022

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1. Name of State Affiliate

2. Name of Representative Completing Form

3. Email Address for Representative Completing this Form

4. Current Address for State Affiliate

5. Website for state affiliate

6. When do your State Affiliate board elections begin?

7. When do new board members terms begin?

8. What NDEO State Affiliate level does your organization operate at?
Level 1 - 100% dual membership
Level 2 - only some members are NDEO + State Affiiliate
Non-Monetary state affiliate
9. Did your organization have any particular goals for 2021? Do you feel these goals were met? Why or why not?

10. What recruitment methods or events were most helpful in bringing new members to your organization

11. Please describe Professional Development opportunities for dance educators offered by your organization in the past year (2022).

12. Please describe awards and scholarships (for students or dance educators) offered by your organization in the past year (2022)

13. Please describe any National Honor Society for Dance Arts (TM) initiatives sponsored by your organization in the past year (2022). These could include awards and scholarships for NHSDA inductees, conferences or events NHSDA chapters, or promotion of the NHSDA program in your state. 

14. Briefly describe how your organization used the revenue from member dues in 2022? (Ex: Generating Operating Expenses, Awards and Scholarships, Special Events, etc.)

15. Please describe your organization's goals for 2023. These could include growing your membership, offering new events or honors to your members, increasing NHSDA presence in your state, etc.

16. Please describe your organization's plans to offer professional development opportunities for members/ non-members in 2023. 

17. List your advocacy plan for the year 2023-24. How are you planning to prioritize and support the advocacy strategies at the grassroot level?

18. Is there anything else you want to share with NDEO?

19. Do you have a current and functional website? If not, what are your plans to update and improve your website?

20. Do you have the current NDEO logo with wording that says you are a state affiliate of the National Dance Education Organization somewhere on your website?
Yes - on homepage
Yes - elsewhere on website
21. Does your Membership webpage reflect the current information on the NDEO membership webpage (member types / rates) found at
22. Does your website have a link in your Main Menu bar/section that is for the National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA)?