JoDE Call for Peer Reviewers

The Journal of Dance Education is seeking educators, scholars, researchers, practitioners, and artists within the field of dance education to serve as peer reviewers. Serving as a peer reviewer allows you to learn more about emerging work in the field of dance education, better understand the peer review and journal publication process, and become more involved with JoDE. Peer reviews are not only a way to determine the scope and content of JoDE, but they also provide feedback to authors, and therefore help mentor authors and encourage emerging dance education research.

Peer reviewers provide feedback on articles submitted for possible publication in JoDE. JoDE uses a double anonymous review process, meaning neither the author’s nor the reviewers’ identities are known to the other. All comments from reviewers are compiled and sent directly to the author(s), regardless of the recommendation outcome. Peer reviewers are assigned manuscripts that are aligned with their areas of expertise. The review process takes place through JoDE’s Scholar One platform, and typically peer reviewers have four weeks to complete their review of a submission.

We are looking for reviewers with knowledge and expertise in Dance Education, broadly defined. In particular, we are seeking reviewers with expertise in the following areas:

  • Quantitative research methods
  • Dance science and/or dance medicine
  • Dance forms of Asia and the Asian Diaspora
  • Dance forms of South America and the South American Diaspora
  • Dance forms of Africa and the African Diaspora
  • Equity, LGBTQIA+ issues, and anti-racist approaches
  • Dance and Disability

***Disclaimer: Peer reviewers will be needed based on the needs of JoDE and reviewers’ area of expertise.

Because of this, applicants may not review any articles but can review up to 2 articles.***

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1. How do you classify yourself? Please choose the one best answer.
Professional - current dance teacher
Administrator - current administrator in field of dance/dance education
Student - undergrad or graduate full or part time
Retiree - from the field of dance or dance education
2. Check off the environments where you work/teach. Check all that apply.
Early Childhood Center
K-12 School
Dance Studio
College or University
Dance Company or Performing Arts Organization
Dance Services Organization or Dance Products Business
Community or Recreation Center
Dance Competition and Conventions
Cruise Ships Entertainment
3. If you are currently employed, please provide more information (company name, job title).

4. What experience and skills do you bring to the table that will help you in this position? Do you have any previous experience as a Peer Reviewer?

5. Please describe your interest in serving as a Peer Reviewer for JoDE?

6. Short Bio (150 words or less)

7. Disclaimer #1:  By submission of your JoDE Peer Reviewer Application you understand that based on your area of expertise, and article topics submitted to JoDE, you may or may NOT be used as a peer reviewer.
Yes, I read it and understand.
8. Demographic Questions The following optional questions help provide NDEO with a baseline understanding of the demographics of our members, which is a picture we currently lack. We hope to use this data to set and pursue goals and objectives around diversity, equity, inclusion and access. We believe that a fuller and more accurate understanding of who we serve is crucial to organizational growth and to serving our members and the field better.
9. What is your Age?
22 and Under
23 - 29
30 - 39
40 - 49
50 - 59
60 - 69
70 +
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10. Which of the following best describes the area in which you teach? Check the one best answer.
Urbanized Areas (UAs) of 50,000 or more people
Urban Clusters (UCs) of at least 2,500 and less than 50,000 people
Rural, encompassing all population, housing, and territory not included within an Urban Area or Urban Cluster
11. Race / Ethnicity
American Indian/Alaskan Native
Black/African American
Hispanic/Latino/Spanish Origin
Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander
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12. Gender
Non-Binary / Third Gender
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13. Transgender is an umbrella term that refers to people whose gender identity, expression or behavior is different from those typically associated with their assigned sex at birth. Other identities considered to fall under this umbrella can include non-binary, gender fluid, and genderqueer - as well as many more. Do you identify as transgender?
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14. With which sexual orientation do you most identify?
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15. Please indicate which of the following best describes your current disability status:
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I don't yet identify as disabled but I have a chronic illness.
I don't currently identify as disabled.
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