2023 Call for Independent Sector Mentorship Committee

Call for Planning Committee Members to Serve in the Development and Implementation of the Independent Sector Mentorship Program

The Independent Sector Mentorship Program (ISMP) is modeled after the very successful K-12 Mentorship Program now in its 5th cohort. As each of our sectors is unique in its teaching/learning environment, learner population, contact time, and expected educational outcomes, and so is the nature of the ISMP. We will offer professional pairings for both traditional mentorship and collaborative mentorship between these populations of dance educators:

  • Private Studio Owners/Teachers
  • Private Studio Teachers
  • Independent Teachers
  • Emerging Studio Owners
  • Undergraduate & Graduate Students

Though this list is not exhaustive, we are at this initial onset focusing our energies on these specific areas so that we can identify best practices in mentorship for this varied sector. To begin this process, we will first build a committee that will consist of one Chair, Dr. Kathryn White Austin, and a total of 6 to 8 members to serve for the first 2 -3 years to be organized as follows:

  • 2-3 months of preparation and launch
  • 2 years first cohort
  • Assessment at the end of year 1 of the cohort 1
  • Establish cohort 2

This is a volunteer leadership role in NDEO and your service is valued and appreciated. If you are interested in this servant leadership opportunity and have at least 7 years experience in the Independent/Private Sector and be an NDEO member in good standing, please contact mentorship@ndeo.org

Deadline to apply for this committee has been extended until Friday March, 24, 2023.

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1. Name of Studio(s)

2. Location of Studio (City & State)

3. Role in the Independent Sector
Private Studio Owner
Private Studio Owner/Teacher
Private Studio Teacher
Independent Teacher
4. Teaching Environment
Independent Sector/Private Studio
Various Settings/Community-based
5. How would your participation on this committee contribute to our diversity profile?

6. Please tell us more about your teaching environment. Describe your roles and responsibilities.

7. Have you been teaching in the Independent Sector for 7 years or more?
8. Why do you want to be a member of the Independent Sector Mentorship Committee?

9. How do you think you could support the Independent Sector Mentorship Committee?

10. What sets you apart from other Independent Sector members?

11. What questions do you have about the Independent Sector Mentorship Committee?

12. Demographic Questions The following optional questions help provide NDEO with a baseline understanding of the demographics of our members, which is a picture we currently lack. We hope to use this data to set and pursue goals and objectives around diversity, equity, inclusion and access. We believe that a fuller and more accurate understanding of who we serve is crucial to organizational growth and to serving our members and the field better.
13. What is your Age?
22 and Under
23 - 29
30 - 39
40 - 49
50 - 59
60 - 69
70 +
Prefer Not to Say
14. Which of the following best describes the area in which you teach? Check the one best answer.
Urbanized Areas (UAs) of 50,000 or more people
Urban Clusters (UCs) of at least 2,500 and less than 50,000 people
Rural, encompassing all population, housing, and territory not included within an Urban Area or Urban Cluster
15. Race / Ethnicity
American Indian/Alaskan Native
Black/African American
Hispanic/Latino/Spanish Origin
Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander
Prefer to Self Describe
16. Gender
Non-Binary / Third Gender
Prefer Not to Say
Prefer to Self Describe
17. Transgender is an umbrella term that refers to people whose gender identity, expression or behavior is different from those typically associated with their assigned sex at birth. Other identities considered to fall under this umbrella can include non-binary, gender fluid, and genderqueer - as well as many more. Do you identify as transgender?
Prefer Not to Say
Prefer to Self Describe
18. With which sexual orientation do you most identify?
Prefer Not to Say
Prefer to Self Describe
19. Please indicate which of the following best describes your current disability status:
I identify as disabled.
I don't yet identify as disabled but I have a chronic illness.
I don't currently identify as disabled.
Prefer Not to Say
20. Disclaimer #1:  By submission of your NDEO Committee Application (if selected and you accept) you agree to the terms of service indicated on your application and will fulfill all duties and responsibilities as a member of the committee to the best of your ability. Timely and consistent activity is required, and communications with the committee Chair will ensure committee work is covered and being accomplished.  You agree to read and respond to all correspondence from the Committee Chair or other committee members as soon as possible (within 4 business days). If you do not communicate with the Chair in a timely manner and continue to not complete work or be non-responsive to emails and requests, you may be removed from the committee.
Yes, I read it and understand.
21. Disclaimer #2: You must be a current NDEO member to be considered for a position and must remain a current member of NDEO during your entire term.
Yes, I read it and understand.