2023 PK-12 Mentorship Cohort #6


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Please answer the following questions to be considered for Cohort #6 of the NDEO Mentorship Program.

The program serves as a support system for PK-12 dance teachers with fewer than five years of experience (mentees) in the PK-12 field of dance education. It will also give dance teachers with five or more years of experience in PK-12 (mentors) an opportunity to reach out and assist new educators.

New PK-12 dance educators will be paired with experienced dance education mentors, basing matches on criteria such as similar job attributes, disposition and philosophical outlook, and needs. Both mentor and mentee should plan for a two year commitment, however it may continue and grow in an alternate form for as long as the participants wish.

Deadline to apply is September 15th, 2023.

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1. Best email to reach you at:

2. Best phone number to reach you at:

3. Do you have a current NDEO Membership? You must be a current Member in order to be matched with a mentor or mentee. To Join NDEO go to www.ndeo.org/Membership/Join
Not yet, but will be joining soon
4. Are you applying to be a Mentor or Mentee? (To be considered as a Mentor, you must have 5 or more years of dance teaching experience in a PK-12 school. To be considered as a Mentee, you must have fewer than 5 years of dance teaching experience in a PK-12 school.)
5. Education and Training
6. Please check off the college degrees that you have earned.
7. Please list the colleges/universities where you earned your degrees (undergraduate, graduate, doctorate) and years attended.

8. What was your major and/or minor for each degree you have earned?

9. Please describe your dance training.

10. Please describe your dance performing experience.

11. Dance Teaching Experience and Information
12. Are you currently employed by a school or school district?
13. What is the name of school/district?

14. What is your job title?

15. Please describe your dance teaching experience.

16. How many TOTAL years have you been teaching dance as a PK-12 dance educator in a Pre-K12 school?

17. Please list the grades and the number of years that you have taught dance as a dance educator in PK-12, public, or independent school as a teacher employed by the school or the district as a PK-12 employee. Please specify if it was/is a Public School, Private School, Charter School, or Magnet School. For Example: PK 1996 -1998 (Charter School), K-2 1998 - 2006 (Private School), K-2 2014-2018 (Public School), 3-5 2014 - 2018 (Public School), 6-8 2018 - 2021 (Magnet School), 9-12 2006-2014, 2021 - present (Public School).

18. How many years have you been teaching dance at your CURRENT SCHOOL?

19. Do you work/teach at multiple schools?
Yes, I teach/work at several different schools
No, I only teach/work at one school
20. How many dance teachers are in your (primary) school? Include yourself, include full and part-time DANCE teachers.

21. State where your primary school is located:

22. What is your average class size?

23. How many students are in your "dance" program at the school where you work/teach the majority of the time?

24. How many separate dance classes do you teach each day and what is the length of each class?

25. Certification Information
26. Are you Certified or Licensed to teach in your state according to your school district or state's Department of Education criteria?
Have applied and waiting on approval
In process of applying
I am not sure
27. If you have a teaching certificate / license, are you certified in DANCE?
Have applied and waiting on approval
In process of applying
I am not sure
28. If you are certified / licensed in an area other than DANCE, in what area are you certified or licensed? Select the answers that most closely match your situation.
Language Arts
Foreign Language
Home Economics
Career Tech
Elementary Ed
Physical Education
Visual Art
Computer Technology
Special Education
Secondary Education
29. If you are not certified/licensed in Dance, please let us know why that is.
My state does not offer dance certification/licensure
30. Please list any additional K-12 certifications you hold such as yoga, pilates, etc?

31. Why are you applying?
32. Why do you want to participate in this Mentorship program? If you are a Mentor applicant, what qualities will you bring to the Mentor/Mentee relationship? If you are a Mentee applicant, what do you hope to gain from this Mentor/Mentee relationship?

33. Where do you expect to be teaching in a year from now?

34. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Feel free to include personal and professional goals.

35. Are you currently in a mentoring program for dance education at your school/district?

36. Teaching and Your Strengths
37. Please state your teaching philosophy.

38. What are your strengths as an educator?

39. What are the areas in which you feel you need to grow as an educator? What parts of your job are a challenge?

40. Communication Style
41. How would you describe yourself as a communicator? Are you straightforward? Are you a gentle communicator?

42. How often would you be comfortable with your Mentor/Mentee contacting you?
Twice a Week
Once a Week
Three Times a Month
Twice a Month
43. How would you prefer to make contact to support your mentor/mentee? Select all that apply.
Cell Phone
44. Do you have a preference for a Mentor/Mentee? If so, please provide a name and email. They must be an NDEO member.

45. Is there any other information you would like to share?

46. Demographic Questions The following optional questions help provide NDEO with a baseline understanding of the demographics of our members, which is a picture we currently lack. We hope to use this data to set and pursue goals and objectives around diversity, equity, inclusion and access. We believe that a fuller and more accurate understanding of who we serve is crucial to organizational growth and to serving our members and the field better.
47. What is your Age?
22 and Under
23 - 29
30 - 39
40 - 49
50 - 59
60 - 69
70 +
Prefer Not to Say
48. Which of the following best describes the area in which you teach? Check the one best answer.
Urbanized Areas (UAs) of 50,000 or more people
Urban Clusters (UCs) of at least 2,500 and less than 50,000 people
Rural, encompassing all population, housing, and territory not included within an Urban Area or Urban Cluster
49. Race / Ethnicity
American Indian/Alaskan Native
Black/African American
Hispanic/Latino/Spanish Origin
Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander
Prefer to Self Describe
50. Gender
Non-Binary / Third Gender
Prefer Not to Say
Prefer to Self Describe
51. Transgender is an umbrella term that refers to people whose gender identity, expression or behavior is different from those typically associated with their assigned sex at birth. Other identities considered to fall under this umbrella can include non-binary, gender fluid, and genderqueer - as well as many more. Do you identify as transgender?
Prefer Not to Say
Prefer to Self Describe
52. With which sexual orientation do you most identify?
Prefer Not to Say
Prefer to Self Describe
53. Please indicate which of the following best describes your current disability status:
I identify as disabled.
I don't yet identify as disabled but I have a chronic illness.
I don't currently identify as disabled.
Prefer Not to Say
54. Disclaimer #1: Each mentor/mentee will need to agree to the following Guidelines if selected: - 2 year commitment - maintain a current NDEO membership - review the training powerpoint presentations and webinars - set goals and expectations with mentor/mentee - communicate with mentor/mentee partner ideally weekly (minimum twice a month) - complete and submit monthly log reports - report to assigned committee member once a month (both mentor and mentee must report separately to the assigned committee member) - utilize Basecamp for communication - attend 4 Zoom meetings a year A mentor or mentee may be removed from the program for not adhering to the above listed guidelines.
Yes, I read it and understand.