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Advocacy Committee Members

This screen shows the members of the committee. Click on the member's name or photo to view their bio information (if enabled).
The Advocacy Committee is dedicated to encouraging and supporting awareness, action, and continued engagement in advocacy efforts for dance. In attempting to support advocacy in all areas of the field represented in the membership for NDEO, the committee is comprised of individuals from all sectors of the field. Committee Members include: Emily Morgan, Tracey Bonner, Caryn Cooper, Meredith Lyons, Tina Mullone, Michelle Parkins, Laurie Perrault, Molly Terbovich-Ridenhour who assist the advocacy director, Stephanie Milling. The committee has devised a strategic plan for advocacy to help support three areas relevant in dance education advocacy: infrastructure, resources, and e-communications. These three areas will be the main focus in the strategic plan that will drive dance advocacy in the imminent future and will gradually unfold as the advocacy committee fulfills the goals in the strategic plan for advocacy. In developing a strong infrastructure for dance advocacy, the committee will: 1) identify the role and function of the advocacy committee members and membership in NDEO’s advocacy efforts; 2) strengthen ties between NDEO and partner organizations; and 3) develop a network that will promote advocacy at the state level. In focusing on e-communications, the advocacy committee members will develop consistent communication strategies with NDEO membership; 2) identify and utilize appropriate social media in spreading awareness about advocacy; and 3) create initiatives at specific points during the year to promote participation in advocacy efforts. In focusing on resources specific to dance advocacy, the committee will be: 1) compiling various advocacy resources for membership; and 2) identifying means for providing membership with pertinent information from advocacy resources. The committee will regularly report to membership about the progress of the strategic plan and how to become more involved with advocacy.
Advisory Director of Advocacy
Assistant Director for Advocacy
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