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Why Membership Matters Even More in 2019!
By Susan McGreevy-Nichols
Posted on 7/8/2019 11:46 AM

Why Membership Matters Even More in 2019!

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It is an exciting time to be a dance educator! The popularity of dance-related programs on television has sparked new interest in dance training among kids and adults alike. In many parts of the country, dance is increasingly being recognized as an academic discipline in school and universities. Social media offers a platform on which dance teachers can network, promote one’s work, seek advice, and learn about professional development opportunities. In fact, it can feel at times as though there are an overwhelming number of avenues through which dance teachers can continue their education, whether through collegiate programs, conventions, workshops, or webinars. 

And yet, many challenges remain for dance teachers working in all environments. As potential dance students become enchanted by technical feats performed by elite dancers on TV, explaining the necessity of proper, sequential, and developmentally appropriate dance training has become more difficult. At the same time that dance in K-12 schools and colleges is becoming more widespread, in many areas budgets for arts programs are being cut and working conditions for teachers worsen. Social media, though it can lead to connection, can also be a place of drama, competition, discontent, and miscommunication. With so many options for continuing education, it can be difficult to find opportunities that are relevant, accessible, affordable, and reputable.

As part of our mission to advance dance education centered in the arts, the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) is committed to creating meaningful connections within the dance education community and providing our members with the resources they need to advance their careers and best serve their students. With an NDEO Membership you will have access to continuing education, journals, webinars, online forums, job postings, mentorship, and much more. We provide research-based, developmentally appropriate standards, and tools for dance teachers to use as they implement them in their studios. We advocate for dance nationally, and offer programs, such as the National Honor Society for Dance Arts, that help educators promote their dance programs and recognize their students. We foster meaningful connections through professional online forums, in-person conferences, and a member mentorship program. Our professional development options are conducted by leading experts in the field, and range from 4-week online courses to a 3-day conference with over 200 sessions and events. Scholarship opportunities for our professional development are made available each year. All of these efforts help us work toward our vision of a nation that affords every citizen equal access and opportunity to quality dance arts education regardless of gender, age, race or culture, socio-economic status, ability or interest. 

If you share our mission and vision, we invite you to join our special community of passionate individuals and institutions committed to dance education during our July Membership Drive. NDEO is the largest dance education membership organization in the country, and as such, we partner with other major organizations and institutions to make sure that dance has a voice in national discussions on art and education. By working with groups like the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS), State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education (SEADAE), The College Board, Arts Education Partnership, and Americans for the Arts, we advocate for dance education on the national level. When you join NDEO, you become an important part of these advocacy efforts and help promote our shared belief in the value of dance education and the impact that dance can have on our world today. 

Since 1998, NDEO has been a leader in the dance education community. As we work to connect the field, build knowledge, and cultivate leadership, we are making a real difference for dance educators and their students across the country and throughout the world. We have helped to shape the field by providing research, advocacy, professional development, and member services that dance teachers need to provide a quality dance education for their students. We know that dance, when taught by a professional and qualified educator, can have a transformative impact for students. In short, we believe that “It all starts with a dance teacher!” - and we are proud to work with and for the dance education professionals who are making all the difference in the lives of so many. 

Your NDEO membership not only gives you a voice in the national discussion surrounding dance education, but it also provides the resources and support you need to improve your teaching practice, advance your career, and benefit your students. As a member, you will have access to two of the most respected journals in the field (Journal of Dance Education and Dance Education in Practice), an international support network on the Online Forums, the most extensive dance education database in existence (DELRdi), and conferences, events, and online courses* with some of the most respected professionals in the field.  To see a summary of all member benefits go to

(*Additional registration fees apply.)

During our July Membership Drive, we are offering a discount to all new members who sign up and pay member dues by July 31, 2019.  Here is how you can take advantage of this special offer:

  1. Go to and click on "Sign Up" in the top menu bar.

  2. Fill out the online membership application to complete the sign-up process. 

  3. Enter the promo code JULY2019 at checkout to receive 10% off membership dues.

If you are a current NDEO member who knows the value of NDEO, we are asking for your help. Consider one of the following ways to get involved in the Membership Drive:

  1. Recruit a new member to join NDEO. Share the promo code JULY2019 so that your referrals can take advantage of the new member discount. 

  2. Ask them to list you as the referrer in the “How did you learn about NDEO?” box on page 3 of the membership sign up. Everyone who is listed as a referrer by a new member who signs up and pays for a membership by July 31, 2019 will be receive a 10% discount coupon for their next renewal! (Coupon not retroactive to previous renewals.)

When we come together as a community, united by our shared vision and mission, we can make a difference in the field of dance education and for students nationwide. Will you join us?

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