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New Resource: Dance in PreK-12 Education
By Susan McGreevy-Nichols
Posted on 1/22/2018 1:11 PM

As part of our mission to advance dance education centered in the arts, NDEO works to ensure that every child is provided access to a high-quality dance education, taught by a qualified dance educator. This work includes conducting and disseminating research into the state of dance education in K-12 schools. Some of the areas we have studied include:

  1. What states offer dance as part of PreK-12 education?

  2. What credentials are required of dance educators in the PreK-12 sector?

  3. Who is teaching dance in PreK-12 schools?

  4. How and where are these educators being trained?

In the summer of 2017, NDEO underwent another round of extensive research into PreK-12 dance education programs and certification requirements to learn more about the current state of this branch of the field of dance education. A number of resources were developed as a result, including a list of higher education institutions that offer Pre-K dance education programs and certification, and updated information on state credentials and standards for a dance teacher wishing to teach in the PreK-12 setting. You can learn more about the research and view the resulting documents here.

We hope that these resources will support our members who are interested in PreK-12 dance education. They can be used by dancers and teachers seeking employment in this sector, as they will help them better understand the credentialing process in their state. Current educators who have students interested in entering the PreK-12 field will also find them helpful as a guidance tool. The resources can also be used in advocacy efforts as our members work to advance dance education at the local and state level. How will you be using these resources? Let us know in the comments below!

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