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July 2016 Membership Drive
By Susan McGreevy-Nichols
Posted on 6/30/2016 3:46 PM

At our National Conference this October, NDEO will be inviting our membership to join us in our special campaign, The Decade of Dance Education (2015-2025), the theme of which is “It All Starts with a Dance Teacher!” We’ve spent the past year and a half investing in our staff and programming, to help us provide you with the best possible membership experience. Here is just a small sample of the investments we’ve made:

  • Added additional staff to help grow our signature programs

  • Introduced our newest journal Dance Education in Practice

  • Revamped our website at

  • Launched a brand new website and induction system for our National Honor Society for Dance Arts program

  • Created the “Thank A Dance Teacher Day” social media fundraising campaign and the Professional Development Scholarship Program.

Now, we need you to join in our efforts!

Refer a new member to join NDEO, and they can save 10% by using the promo code TenNDEO
If you are listed as the referrer, you will also receive 10% off your next renewal!

As we prepare for the public launch of The Decade of Dance Education, we are hosting a special NDEO Membership Drive this July. We are challenging each of our members to recruit a friend, a colleague, or a former student to join NDEO - to stand with us for the next eight years, and beyond, as we work to advance dance education centered in the arts through research, advocacy, and professional development. New members you recruit will receive a 10% discount on membership when they use the promo code TenNDEO. If they list you as the referrer, you will be entered to win a $50 NDEO gift certificate! It is our way of saying thanks for spreading the word that NDEO Membership Matters!

NDEO Membership Matters because it unites us as a community. As the largest dance education membership organization in the country, NDEO is uniquely situated to support, advance, and advocate for the field at a national level. Your membership makes you an important part of this special community publically working for the advancement of dance education centered in the arts. The state of dance education is constantly improving because of the relationship between NDEO and our members. We are stronger together than any one of us could be on our own.

#NDEOMembershipMatters because …. "I can turn to the NDEO Online Forums when I need to communicate with a fellow dance educator. They are important vehicles for sharing knowledge and making connections. We are very isolated as dance educators. We may be the only one in a whole school or district. On the forums and at the Conferences, there is mutual respect among educators working in different environments, and I appreciate that."

-Karen Kuebler, Baltimore MD

NDEO Membership Matters because your membership provides you with the resources and support you need to improve your teaching practice, advance your career, and benefit your students. As a member, you have access to two of the most respected journals in the field, an international support network on the Online Forums, the most extensive dance education database in existence (DELRdi), and conferences, events, and courses with some of the most respected professionals in the field.

#NDEOMembershipMatters because …. "NDEO has given us the actual data, the wording, the standards, and the language of how to speak about dance in a way that validates dance for our community and stakeholders.  It’s more in depth language then, ‘Take a dance class because it’s fun and will teach you confidence.’  Dance is so much more than that. We are able to tell our community that dance helps with problem solving skills, creativity, promotes social-emotional skills, health and well-being and activates crucial  areas in the brain.  NDEO is our dance advocate!"

-Ambre Emory-Maier, Columbus OH

Perhaps most importantly, NDEO Membership Matters because the member benefits and resources help you provide the very best education possible to your students. You know that a quality dance education instills values and skills such as persistence, self-respect, empathy, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. You have seen the development of these skills in your students, and you have read the research compiled by NDEO in publications such as Evidence: A Report on the Impact of Dance in America’s K-12 Schools. Your students’ success - in and out of the dance studio - is due in no small part to your efforts; in fact, their success is proof that “It All Starts with a Dance Teacher!”

If you believe in the value of NDEO membership and support our mission and goals, please take some time this month to share your experience with a friend or colleague. Encourage them to become a member, so that they too can join in our efforts and benefit from the resources available through membership. You can share your experience in your own words, or use the sample text provided below. Send an email to your colleagues, talk to a friend about NDEO over a cup of coffee, or share the message on social media, using the hashtag #NDEOMembershipMatters.

In honor of the Decade of Dance Education, we’re offering a 10% off membership dues for new members who sign up during the month of July. Share the promo code TenNDEO so that your referrals can take advantage of the deal! Ask them to list you as the referrer in the “How did you learn about NDEO?” box on page 3 of the membership sign up.


Everyone who is listed as a referrer by a new member who signs up and pays for a membership by July 31, 2016 will be receive a 10% discount coupon for their next renewal!

Thank you for helping NDEO launch the Decade of Dance Education by referring a friend this month! 
Photo credits: Photos by Kamal Brown. Courtesy of Reservoir High School. 

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