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TADT Day: All You Need to Know!
By Susan McGreevy-Nichols
Posted on 11/23/2015 12:58 PM

Dear friends,


We are one week away from the momentous "Thank A Dance Teacher Day." If you are a dancer, teacher or supporter of dance education, this is YOUR holiday and a way for us to all band together and celebrate our dance lineage! #ThankADanceTeacherDay is a social action, fundraising campaign that will begin on Tuesday, Dec. 1st and will kick-off a month-long season of year-end, charitable giving to provide scholarships for deserving dance educators.


Now is the time to start planning whom you will thank and how! The National Dance Education asks that you make a donation of $10 in honor of each teacher you thank. Your name and their name will appear on the Donor Registry and serve as a virtual memorial to all dance teachers past and present. For every $50 donation you make, NDEO will send you this bag as a token of our appreciation (pictured left). All donations will go towards NDEO's Professional Development Scholarship Fund. This year, we have doubled our fundraising goal to $5,000 so that we can provide more scholarships!


After making the donation, it is time to get creative on your own social media pages, and let all of your friends and colleagues know! First, create a visual. You can either choose to create an "unselfie" or video. Then, caption it with a message. Check out last year's Thank A Dance Teacher Facebook Event Page to view ideas of how to do this!


Once you have posted on your own page, there are several ways to spread the Thank A Dance Teacher cheer. This will ensure that your message reaches the masses and that dance education will go viral...


Some Ideas to share your message...

1. Re-post your message on NDEO’s 2015 TADT Facebook Event Page. This page will be open for posting at midnight on Tuesday, Dec.1st.


2. Share your post with others by tagging dancers, educators, schools, departments and organizations.

3. Challenge others to participate in TADT Day by tagging and asking them to take the Thank A Dance Teacher Challenge.


4. Use hashtags such as #ndeothanks and #thankadanceteacherday to make your post searchable on Facebook and Twitter. 


5. If you are a student and part of a student group, you can get involved in #NDEOStudentThanks. Every student group that signs up will be eligible for various rewards. The top 3 schools that raise the most amount of donations will be announced on NDEO's Facebook and Twitter pages. A feature story will be written about the 1st place school in NDEO's NHSDA Newsletter. The 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place schools will also be featured in an article in NDEO's Dance Education in Practice Journal.


Please join us in this virtual movement, and let's sweep social media with gratitude for dance and the dance teachers who make it possible!

With sincere appreciation,
Susan McGreevy-Nichols
Executive Director
National Dance Education Organization

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