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Happy New Year from NDEO!
By Susan McGreevy-Nichols
Posted on 1/9/2015 12:46 PM



As we just bid farewell to 2014, I'd like to take a moment to thank you, our membership for a wonderful year. You have been an integral part of our growth and success, and everyone on the NDEO staff appreciates your work and what you do for the cause of dance education. This past year was full of challenges for our organization, as well as many triumphs. To celebrate this New Year, I would like to share some of the highlights of 2014 and a sneak peak of initiatives to come in 2015, as a way to share how NDEO is working for YOU! We are confident that 2015 will be a year of great progression and advancement for NDEO. With this promise for the future, I wish you and your families a healthy and happy 2015. May the coming year bring ever more opportunities to impact your communities with the gift of dance education!

--Susan McGreevy-Nichols, NDEO Executive Director

 NDEO Working for YOU in 2014 & 2015:

  • The new National Core Arts Standards in Dance were officially published and disseminated on June 20th by the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS) ensuring that K-12 students are receiving the highest quality dance education. NDEO executives served on the NCCAS leadership team, while NDEO members led the charge on the dance writing team. (NEW in 2015: OPDI courses and webinars that focus on the standards.)

  • Funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, NDEO released "Evidence: A Report on The Impact of Dance in the K-12 Setting". The report marks a major step for NDEO and the field of dance, as it provides a collection of evidence containing scientific support for the necessity of dance education within every K-12 school. (NEW In 2015: We plan to continue the analysis of the data collected in the (2013/2014) 21st Century K-12 Dance Education: An Investigation of Who, What, Where and How and hope to have a final report by the end of the year.)  
  • More NDEO members witnessed the benefits of professional development by enrolling in online dance education courses through our Online Professional Development Institute. Since OPDI’s launch in 2012, we have developed and implemented 17 online courses and 497 people have applied and been accepted to OPDI, and 224 have completed coursework so far. (NEW in 2015: We have 4 new courses coming online including a new dance history course, and one that focuses on ballet theory.)
  • This year, NDEO held "special topic” conferences which are designed to be smaller (less than 100 participants), more intimate and more focused on a single subject. In 2014, we offered the 3rd annual Dance 2050 Conference in Connecticut that focused on the future of dance education in higher ed and another conference in New Mexico that focused on K-12 Dance Teacher Evaluation methods. (New in 2015: This April we will be hosting a conference in Baltimore that focuses on the new K-12 dance standards and in 2016, we will host a conference in Rhode Island featuring the history and roots of jazz dance.)
  • NDEO's national conference in Chicago was the largest conference ever in terms of attendance – up 30% versus last year’s conference in Florida. (NEW in 2015: This year's conference will be in Phoenix from Oct. 7-11th. To be a presenter at this year’s conference, submit a Call for Proposal. Deadline is 2/1/15. For more info. go to

  • This year, we are also celebrating the 14th year of the Journal of Dance Education, or as we like to call it for short, the JODE. In a recent NDEO survey, the JODE was rated the #1 benefit that our members find to be most important. (NEW in 2015: In March, we will see the launch of a second publication, Dance Education in Practice, which highlights in-practice research to better serve the needs of our growing membership.)
  • The #Thank A Dance Teacher campaign was successful in laying the groundwork to raise awareness for dance education globally. We had 125 participants pay homage to their dance teachers on social media and donate in honor or in memory of them. Collectively, we raised $2,846 in scholarship money, a 12% percent increase above our goal! (New in 2015: Need-based scholarships will be offered to NDEO's Online Professional Development Institute and fund dance teachers who wish to bring higher levels of training to their studios or schools, but cannot afford professional development. There are more opportunities to donate to NDEO through AmazonSmile.)
  • The Dance Education Literature and Research descriptive index (DELRdi) now houses 6,167 documents that have been submitted by NDEO. When the DELRdi first started out there were 2,500 documents submitted. These documents are full texts which include published articles, conference proceedings, theses, dissertations, projects, reports, and other papers pertaining to teaching and learning in dance. In addition, in 2014 a Quick Resources link was added to the DERLdi to allow easy access to full text articles. (NEW in 2015: NDEO will be releasing a video-guided tutorial to help viewers navigate the DELRdi and take advantage of all of its resources for researching.) 
  • NDEO's presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as our prominent presence on Internet searches, has allowed us to reach dance educators who we would not have otherwise found in 2014. (If you have not yet followed us on social media, please do so!)

All this and more was our gift to you in 2014. Here at NDEO, we are already planning and developing new resources and programs to help you grow as a dance educator in 2015. Here is a sneak peak of things to come…
All this and more was our gift to you in 2014. Here at NDEO, we are already planning and developing new resources and programs to help you grow as a dance educator in 2015. Here is a sneak peak of things to come…
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