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Coming Together as a Communitydancer within heart during the COVID-19 Pandemic  

The world is in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Universities, K-12 schools, community programs, and dance studios across the country are shut down, with several states on stay-at-home orders. It is our fervent hope that the world will emerge from this crisis stronger, kinder, and more connected than ever before. The reality is, of course, that we don't know what will happen in the next few months. One thing we do know is that the dance community has been setting an example of persistence, generosity, and care for one another that should serve as a model for the rest of the world. As your national service organization, NDEO is here to support you through these challenging times. We have been working diligently to provide high-quality resources relevant to the needs you have right now: free webinars, blog posts, discounts on professional development, and more. We are striving to stay abreast of the field's changing needs, and will respond in every way that we are able.

NDEO offers two ways to connect with other dance educators virtually around the new landscape of online dance education - Live & On-Demand Webinars with experts in the field, and Virtual Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings. Scroll down to learn more and see what is upcoming.

~~NEW~~Virtual Master Class & Discussion
Building on the success of our Webinar Series of Teaching  Dance Online, NDEO is now piloting a virtual concept focused on movement, dancing, and discussion.  These LIVE sessions offer the opportunity for dance educators to learn choreography and discuss artistic vision, inspiration, and history with experts in the field.  Master Class and Discussion sessions are 1.5 hours long and involve active participation (dance & discussion) by attendees. These sessions may or may not recorded as it is at the discretion of the presenters.

FREE - NDEO Members Only. Registration required.

Artistic Vision: The Future of Dance Legacy: Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020 5:30-7pm EST
Join Artistic Directors, Dante Puleio and Carolyn Dorfman, in both discussion and movement, as they offer insight into the development of an artistic vision, practice and legacy. Teaching signature solos from Jose Limon’s Missa Brevis and Dorfman’s Mayne Mentshn (My People), complete with inspiration, context and craft to create an artistic whole, they illuminate how the principles and work of both choreographers parallel each other and how each Company continues to inspire and support the other's legacy and future.

Webinar Series: Teaching Dance Online

These webinars offer the opportunity for dance educators to learn from leading experts in areas related to teaching dance online during COVID-19. Panelists will offer best practices, tips, and strategies related to the webinar topic. Attendees can submit questions for panelists prior to and during the session. Webinars are an hour long with recordings available on-demand. FREE - available to Members and Non-Members. Registration required. To see on-demand recordings of prior webinars, visit Teaching Online for general webinars on teaching dance online and Dance Sectors, Ages, & Populations for webinars targeted toward teaching specific sectors, ages, and populations online during covid-19.

Upcoming Webinars - Stay Tuned for More Webinars

Special Interest Group (SIG) Virtual Meetings

SIG Virtual Meetings allow you to connect with fellow dance educators to discuss the important concerns and issues of your sector of the dance field. Learn from other teachers currently working in the field and support one another through this challenging time. Registration is limited to 100, with conversations mainly conducted in breakout groups of 10-20. One-hour long sessions; no recordings available.

FREE - NDEO Members Only. Registration required.

Upcoming Virtual SIG Meetings:

Dance 2050 Think Tank Meeting:  Educators from all Sectors Welcome - Sunday November 8, 2020 from 6-8pm EST

Dance and Disability Film Night: Monday November 16 from 6-7pm EST

Next "Sector Focused " SIG Virtual Meetings will be in late November - Check Back Later!

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Resource Documents

As we look toward the Fall of 2020, NDEO has been facilitating online discussions about teaching dance online during the Covid-19 pandemic and possible implications for returning to the school/studio in the Fall. These discussions were held via a series of ongoing Virtual Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings and 16 Webinars featuring NDEO members and invited guests that began in late March and continue today.

Two sessions, in particular, focused on a potential return to the studio in the fall 2020: The NDEO Cross-Sector Brainstorm Virtual SIG Meeting on May 14, 2020 and College Dance and The Fall Semester, a webinar hosted on May 20, 2020 that yielded significant member input. The content of the document below summarizes the questions and potential practices raised by NDEO members and panelists during these two events.

NDEO's Teaching Dance in Fall 2020

In addition, Dance New Jersey, NDEO's State Affiliate for New Jersey, was recently part of a task force of K-12 educators that collaborated with Arts Ed NJ to create the following document:  September Ready: Fall Guidance for Arts Education