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DELTA Testing CentersDELTA

NDEO and SEADAE are currently recruiting testing centers (colleges / universities) for the Spring 2019 (April/May) DELTA. If you are interested in offering your institution as a testing center, please complete our DELTA Inquiry Form no later than January 18, 2019.

In addition, there will be an option to take the DELTA exam from home using a special online connection and software (RPNow) from PSI Proctoring.  More details to follow.

DELTA is an online test that takes about an hour and a half to administer. We are looking for testing sites in every state, at (one or more) universities that offer dance education (depending on the size of the state). To be a host site requires a computer lab with access to the internet, proctored by a college or university staff member.

The Spring 2019 Testing Window will be April 15 to May 17, 2019.

DELTA Test Site and Proctoring Info

Test security is an important concern, requiring constant vigilance. In order for your Institution to become a Test Site and for your Institution's staff or faculty to be involved in test administration or proctoring, each person who is involved must review and sign our 2019 DELTA Proctor Users Guide and complete the online DELTA Security Agreement.