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Taking the DELTA ExamDELTA

The DELTA exam is taken online. The exam takes about an hour and a half and must be taken in a four-hour window. The exam must be taken during one of the testing dates/times (listed below). If you are taking it as an individual, you will select which date you are taking the exam upon registering and take it via online proctoring; if taking it as a student at an institution, your institution will select the date and you will sit for the exam with live proctoring.

Spring 2020 Testing Info Coming Soon!  The exam will be offered online by our partner, SEADAE.

Spring 2019 Testing Dates

  • Wednesday, April 17th at 4-8 pm EDT
  • Friday, April 26th at 10am - 2pm EDT
  • Saturday, May 4th at 10am – 2pm EDT

Payment Policy

  • NDEO member fee: $125 | Non-member fee: $175
  • All payments must be received by NDEO before a participant can take the exam.
  • No Purchase Orders will be accepted in lieu of payment.
  • Last day to register AND pay is Wednesday, April 10, 2019.
  • There is no refund of the test fee for any reason and it is not transferable to another person.

For Individuals: Online Proctoring

 Individual Registration & Payment

Technical Requirements

The exam will be offered online only (via a remote proctoring software called RPNow) which means you can take it from the comfort of your own home on your own computer or laptop as long as you have a strong internet connection, a microphone on your computer, and a webcam. NOTE: Tablets, Hybrid Devices, and Mobile Devices are not supported. External Camera's on Mac's are not supported.

Special Software

You will have to download the RPNow software to your computer prior to the exam test start time. Please view RPNow's System Requirements. You can also visit RPNow's Test Taker University to view how-to videos, support access, and additional resources to help you get ready to take an online exam using this system.


The exam window is 4 hours long, however, we anticipate that it will take the average test-taker 30 minutes for the Set-Up process and 90 minutes to complete the exam. The Set-Up Process includes logging in, completing a microphone, webcam, and internet bandwidth check, and completing a verification of identity by showing a driver's license or other photo ID card, and then 90 minutes to take the exam.

Exam Integrity Rules

Certain rules will apply to ensure exam integrity such as no use of cell phone, no searching on the internet during the test, and no looking at notes or books during the test. In addition, you are not allowed to have other people in the room with you when you take the exam. The microphone and webcam features of the RPNow software will capture any breach of the rules listed above. The breaches will be noted in your account after you complete the exam and may cause the score of the exam to be invalidated.

Test Interruption

The DELTA exam must be completed in one sitting. Should you be unable to complete the exam due to such circumstances as a power outage or loss of internet, or if you need to leave the room due to illness or evacuation, you will not be able to return to the test. You will need to complete this DELTA Interruptions Online Form to let us know of your particular "test interruption" situation. You should expect a reply email within 4 business days regarding your eligibility for a make-up exam.

Refund Policy and Make-Up Test Date

There is no refund of the test fee for any reason. Exam registrations and fees are not transferable to another person under any circumstance (this includes student registrations).

If you are unable to take the exam on the date you originally selected, or if you miss taking the exam on the day of, you may be allowed to select an alternate date (one of the three published dates or the make-up date). If you need to change the date of your exam or request a make-up, please email You should expect a reply within 4 business days. There is a $50 administrative fee for date change and make-up exams. Limited to one request. The make-up date is Saturday, May 11th from 12pm to 4pm EDT.

For Students: Institutional Test Sites

Deadline to register and pay: April 10, 2019
Institutional Payment | Student Registration

Several colleges and universities are offering the DELTA exam to their students on-site during in Spring 2019.  If you are a student of one of the schools listed below and you plan to take the DELTA exam, you will need to complete the Student Registration link.

If you are the main contact at one of the institutions listed below, you must submit payment for the students. If the students are paying for the exam, the school should collect the test fee from all students and remit to NDEO in one payment. Please click on the Institutional Payment link above to pay.

Students taking the DELTA exam at their college/university should contact the school for information on sitting for the exam and complete the registration form at the link above.

Institutions Offering DELTA in Spring 2019:
Brigham Young University - Provo, UT 
Grand Canyon University - Phoenix, AZ
Hope College - Holland, MI
Oakland University - Rochester, MI 
Seton Hill University - Greensburg, PA
Towson University - Towson, MD
University of Texas - Austin,TX