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Test-Out Option for OPDI-101 Introduction to the PTSDA

as part of the Registered Dance Educator (RDE) application


To be eligible to take complete the PTSDA Test-Out option for the online course, OPDI-101 Intro to the Professional Teaching Standards for Dance Arts (PTSDA), you must first have completed and submitted Part 1 of the RDE application and Part 1 must have been reviewed by RDE adjudicators to confirm that you are eligible to complete the Test-Out.

PTSDA Test-Out Process

1) After completing Part 1 of the RDE application and being approved to pursue the PTSDA Test-Out option, you will receive an email from the Professor of OPDI-101 (Patricia Cohen) with details on the Test-Out process.

2) You will need to download the Professional Teaching Standards for Dance Arts and review them in-depth.
3) You will need to "accept" the Test-Out option by replying to the Professor.

4) The Professor will send you the PTSDA Test-Out form for you to complete.  You will have a set amount of time to complete the Test-Out as agreed upon by you and the Professor.
5) Register and pay the $100 PTSDA Test-Out fee here.

6) After paying the $100 fee, you can begin completing the PTSDA Test-Out form. You will email a completed copy to the Professor.

7) The grading of the PTSDA Test-Out form will take 4 weeks. 
   Passing Grade: Applicant may continue with Part 2 of the RDE application. 

   Did Not Pass:  $50 of Test-Out fee is applicable towards OPDI-101 course tuition in a future semester.

8) Successfully completing the PTSDA Test-Out also means you are eligible to take the online course, OPDI-201 Professional Portfolio Development, which will help you develop your portfolio, another requirement of Part 2 of the RDE application.

9) If you choose to complete your Portfolio for the RDE application without taking the online course, OPDI-201, you will need to pay the Portfolio Test-Out fee of $100.  To pay the Portfolio Test-Out fee, click here..