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OPDI-201: PTSDA ~ Professional Portfolio Development

Eligibility and Prerequisites


To be eligible to take OPDI-201: PTSDA ~ Professional Portfolio Development, you must first be accepted into the NDEO's OPDI program and successfully complete OPDI-101: Introduction to the Professional Teaching Standards for Dance Arts (PTSDA).

If you have not taken (or completed) OPDI-101 and believe you have a deep understanding of the PTSDA, you may apply to test out of OPDI-101 by successfully completing a questionnaire on your understanding of the standards.

Test Out Process

Test Out Deadline for OPDI-201 Summer 2017: May 31, 2017

1) Make sure you have already applied to be an OPDI student. If you are not already accepted or a current student of the OPDI, then please complete the OPDI Admissions application.

2) Contact Professor Patricia Cohen at to formally request the test out.
3) Download the Professional Teaching Standards for Dance Arts.
4) Download and answer the PTSDA test out questions. Send your responses to
5) Register and pay the $100 Test-Out fee here.

Summer 2017 Dates and Timing: 

The Test-Out deadline (to pay and submit answers) for the upcoming 2017 Summer semester is May 31, 2017. The deadline to register and pay for OPDI-201 is June 2, 2017. OPDI-201 starts June 5, 2017.

Status and Next Steps:

Approved Status: Applicant may enroll in OPDI-201. Applicant pays full fee for course of $500.

Not Approved: 50% of Test-Out fee is applicable towards OPDI-101 course tuition in a future semester.

OPDI-201: Professional Portfolio Development using Professional Teaching Standards for Dance Arts (PTSDA) (June 5 – August 27, 2017)

Professor: Pat Cohen; Tuition $500; 3-NDEO Endorsed CEUs; 12 weeks; Prerequisites: Successful completion of the introductory course (OPDI-101: Intro to PTSDA) or by permission of the professor via test out questionnaire and $100 payment.

In this course, participants will learn the essentials of developing a professional portfolio, culminating in an organized, useful compilation of one's accomplishments, skills and pedagogical expertise. Each course module substantively references the Professional Teaching Standards for Dance Arts, providing solid evidence of one's deep understanding of the Standards manifested in statements of teaching philosophy, lesson plans and assessments for varied populations, videos of teaching moments, documented collaborations with colleagues, and one's place in the community as an advocate for dance in arts education. During the course, participants will both watch and create teaching videos, read relevant articles, research funding possibilities, etc.  Professional portfolios complement one's resume/vita, providing powerful documentation of one's accomplishments and skills. Portfolios are used with increasing frequency as assessment for teacher evaluation and job promotion.
* This course, OPDI-201, is helpful to the NDEO member who wants to apply to become a Registered Dance Educator (RDE). One of the requirements of earning the RDE credential is to submit a professional portfolio.   More information about the RDE program coming soon.