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Thank you 2015 Thank a Dance Teacher Donors! TADT

Abigail Agresta Stratton in gratitude to Vikki Capiello.

Gina Bartolino in gratitude to “all the dance educators who’ve taught me.”

Ellen Bast in thanks to Goucher Dance!

Sarah Bean in gratitude to Norman Shelburne, Jan Hurst, M’liss Dorrance, Clay Taliaferro and Killian Manning.

Karen Bond in memory of Betty Allen Backus.

Karen Bradley in recognition of “my colleagues at UMD.”

Clarence Brooks in gratitude to William ‘Bill’ Evans and in thanks to Marcus Schulkind and Jim May.

Mary Burns in gratitude to “12 dance educators that I adore.”

Thom Cobb in recognition of NDEO Board of Directors and Staff.

Patricia Cohen in honor of “all the teachers who made a difference.”

Tasha Courchesne in recognition of Dr. Ilana Morgan.

Stacie Cratty in thanks to Thank A Dance Teacher Day.

Frederick Curry in gratitude to “the many wonderful Dance Teachers who have nurtured and inspired me through the years.”

Monica Dale in thanks to Lance Westergard.

Donna Davenport in gratitude to Dr. Edrie Ferdun, doctoral advisor, Temple University.

Kathleen M. Davis in recognition of Kelly Berick.

Toni Dobransky in thanks to Peggy Price Studio of Dance.

Shannon Dooling in honor of Trinette Singleton.

Augusto Dougal, Ed.M in thanks to Susan McGreevy-Nichols.

Kaitlyn Edwards in gratitude to in Gay Barboza.

Kathryn Noletto Felis in gratitude to Rebecca Rabideau.

Darelynn Fung in gratitude to Samantha Fitschen.

Meredith Galvin in recognition of Diane Price.

Anne Green Gilbert in honor of Barbara Lacy.
Susan H Gingrasso in honor of Michael Richter.

Thelma Goldberg in gratitude to “all my dance teachers.”

Sarah Grasso in thanks to Ashley Dowling.

Laura Guerra from Discount Dance Supply*

Susan E. Hartley in thanks to Foster Fitzsimmins, Barbara Bounds, Dot Silver, Gay Cheney, Annie Sailer, Anne Green Gilbert, et al.

Suzie Henneman, UNC-G Class of '77 in gratitude to Dr. Andreason and Dr. Gray.

Samantha Hyde in gratitude to Stafford C. Berry Jr.

Kathleen Isaac in recognition of Sondra Horton Fraleigh.

Andrew N. Jannetti in thanks to “all of my dance teachers throughout the years.”

Jane Jones-Schulz in honor of Lauren F. Jones.

Yoav Kaddar in gratitude to Adina Margalit.

Gabrielle Kadets in memory of Niles Ford.

Tina Kambour in thanks to Carolyn Ellis, Darlen del Zingro Farls, and Sherry Penn.

Jaya Kanal in thanks to the Teachers from the Erick Hawkins School for Dance.

Nicole J Kasbar in recognition of “all my dance teachers over the past 40 years.”

Karen Campbell Kuebler in recognition of “all the creative dancing minds and bodies who have influenced me.”

Camryn Lanigan in thanks to Miranda Schry.

Susan Lennon in honor of Ms. Anzia.

Kelly Ferris Lester in thanks to Sondra Fraleigh.

Angie Lichtenwalner in memory of Dolly Haltzman.

Marcia L. Lloyd, Professor Emerita of Dance in honor of Margaret Small Mains.

Amanda (Ellis) MacDonald in gratitude to Harry Woolever.

Olivia Marchitelli in thanks to Gina Forcella, Karen Dearborn, Charles O. Anderson, Thang Dao and Barbara Bashaw.

Cristina Marte in thanks to Denise Blackstone.

Marcia (McGinnis) McCaffrey in honor of Iowa State University dance teachers 1975-1980.

Gretchen McLaine in honor of Dr. Carol Webster.
Meghan McLyman*

Elizabeth McPherson in thanks to Lori Katterhenry and Linda Roberts.

Laura Migas in gratitude to “all of the dance teachers that have supported my journey as a dancer and human being.”

Liz Miles in thanks to Brittany LaDuke & Tap to Toe Studio of Dance.

Ann Thomas Moffett in gratitude to Melanie Asriel.

Sonya Monts in thanks to Susan McGreevy-Nichols.

Christine C Morckel in gratitude to VPA Dance Program Director Kelly Berick.

Melissa Myers in thanks to Encore Dance Center.

Pamela O'Briant in thanks to Gayla Zukewich.

Wendy Oliver in memory of Jan Van Dyke.

Erica Piper in thanks to “26 dance teachers who changed my life.”

Lori D Provost in honor of Miss Sandi.

Michiyo Sato in gratitude to Jeanne Bresciani and Erick Hawkins.

Helene Scheff in gratitude to Bob Joffrey.

Sophie Keys in gratitude to Sue’s School of Dance.

Nancy Brooks Schmitz in memory of Fran Bowden.

Karen Schupp in thanks to Doug Risner.

Victoria Shadle in thanks to The Dance Faculty of Hofstra University.

CASA dancers in thanks to Rosemary Battista.

Kelly Sheppard in thanks to Lauren Newby.

Erica Sigal in honor of Gloria Castano.

Katie C. Sopoci Drake in honor of Janet Gillespie and Josephine Garibaldi.

Rick Southerland in gratitude to “all my dance educator peers and mentors.”

Lisa Tran in gratitude to Thelma Goldberg.

Kelly Wadlegger in gratitude to SUNY Purchase and UH Manoa.

Anne Harris Wilcox in memory of Daniel Nagrin.

Deborah Wolf in memory of Bartelle Barrett, in thanks to Sheyla Mattos, and in gratitude to Derrell Sekou Soumah-Walker.

Michelle Wolf in thanks to Deborah Wolf.
*A donor of $10 or more who did not denote an honoree.