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Information for Presenters

Dates & DeadlinesProposals Due ~ February 1

Presenters Notified of Acceptance ~ April 5

Commitment Letters Due ~ April 15

AV Fees Due ~ April 30

Lead Presenters NDEO Membership Deadline ~ April 30 

Co-presenters NDEO Membership Deadline ~ June 1
Poster Proposals Due ~ July 1

All Presenters Conference Registration Deadline ~ August 15

What to Know and Do:  Prior to Conference     At Conference     If You Paid for AV

Prior to Conference

  • Abide by all deadlines and respond promptly to emails from NDEO staff.
  • Contact Betsy Loikow immediately if there is any change to your presentation, presenters, AV, or space needs.
  • Check the printed Conference Schedule (when available / typically in June) and alert NDEO staff if there are any typos or issues with your listing.

At Conference

  • Check the Schedule. Continue to check the Conference Schedule so that you know when and where you are presenting. As we are closing in on conference, we will do our best to notify you if we need to change your presentation time, but please stay on top of it yourself.
  • Check in at the Registration Desk PRIOR to your session. ALL presenters (including those who are not dance educators so may be attending as guests for just their session) need to check in at registration and pick up a name badge.
  • Show up to your presentation room early. There are 15-30 minutes between conference sessions. You are strongly encouraged to show up to your presentation room with ample time to set up and troubleshoot any equipment.

  • Leave your room as you found it. Be kind to the presenters using the room after you and be sure to clear the room of stray paper, handouts, trash, etc. If you moved chairs during your session, please reset them the way you found them.

  • Ask your attendees to rate your session! The NDEO Conference App has a survey to rate conference sessions. App users simply navigate to your session on the App’s schedule, tap the Session Feedback option, and submit their ratings and comments. There will also be an online survey after conference, but the Conference App allows for immediate feedback while the session is still fresh.

Important Information Regarding AV

Please note that you must request AV support during your initial proposal submission. The AV fee is nonrefundable.
If you paid for AV, you will have access to:
  • A LCD projector and screen with VGA and HDMI cables
  • Speakers (with auxiliary cord)
You will not have access to:
  • A laptop. You must bring your own.
  • A DVD or CD player.
You must bring with you:
  • A laptop or tablet device pre-loaded with your presentation materials. Note: If you are using a tablet device (such as an iPad), please make sure you are familiar with how it operates when connected to an LCD projector, as there are differences among devices and older models may not work as expected.
  • Any needed convertor cables to connect your laptop/tablet to a VGA or HDMI input. Every year, at least a handful of presenters neglect to do this and are left hoping to find another presenter willing to lend them the necessary cable. Please please do not make that mistake.
  • If you did not already request audio, you must bring your own speakers if you wish to amplify sound.
It is highly recommended that you practice hooking up your laptop/tablet to a LCD projector before arriving at conference to make sure you have all the necessary cords and everything runs as desired.
For any questions, please call 301-585-2880 or email