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Information for Presenters

Dates & DeadlinesUpdated July 2020
Proposals Due ~ February 1

Presenters Notified of Acceptance ~ May 29

Commitment Letters Due ~ June 12

Lead Presenters NDEO Membership Deadline ~ September 9

Co-presenters NDEO Membership Deadline ~ September 9
Poster Proposals Due ~ tbd

All Presenters Conference Registration Deadline ~ September 9

What to Know and Do:  Prior to Conference

Prior to Conference

  • Abide by all deadlines and respond promptly to emails from NDEO staff.
  • Contact Betsy Loikow immediately if there is any change to your presentation, presenters, AV, or space needs.
  • Check the Master Conference Schedule (when available) and alert NDEO staff if there are any typos or issues with your listing.
For any questions, please call 301-585-2880 or email