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HomeGiving Tuesday 2015


WHEN: December 2015
WHERE: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
WHY: Support Dance Teachers Worldwide                                  

HOW: Take the Thank A Dance Teacher Challenge!
GOAL: $5,000+


NEW this year: Individual donors who donate $50 or more will receive Thank A Dance Teacher bags. With each $10 donation made toward thanking a dance teacher, you are eligible to add your name and the name of your dance teacher to the Donor Registry webpage. NDEO will email you in January with a permission form to add your registry listing.


WHAT is #ThankADanceTeacher?

#ThankADanceTeacher is a global movement to shine the spotlight on dance teachers. It was started in 2014 by the National Dance Education Organization to inspire fundraising and social action for dance education on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.The goal of #ThankADanceTeacher is to financially support the professional development of dance teachers to impact teaching excellence in the field. NDEO urges dance enthusiasts of all kinds (dancers, students, teachers, dance dads & moms, fans, etc.) to take the Thank A Dance Teacher Challenge by posting videos or "unselfies" on social media December 1-31, 2015 and give to the Thank A Dance Teacher Fund.

HOW to Take the #Thank A Dance Teacher Challenge:

Post an "Unselfie":NDEO Member Ann Hutchinson Guest

Instead of capturing your physical self in a photo (aka "selfie"), turn your camera around, and capture your appreciation for your dance teacher(s) by writing it on a sign. NDEO has created several examples of language for you to post on your sign. You can use these examples, or create your own. Please use #ndeothanks and include on your signs. Post your unselfie on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and nominate others to take the "Thank A Dance Teacher


Challenge." Need help? Check out these Giving Tuesday Unselfie Captions.                                                   

Post a Video:

1. Record a short video of yourself performing a series of dance steps.
2. Create a narrative to tag on to your performance that includes the following key points:
- Mention that you are taking the "Thank a Dance Teacher Challenge" and would like to thank your dance teachers… (insert names).               
- State that you are giving to the National Dance Education
- Organization to support high quality dance education.
- Nominate others to take the challenge.
- Remind your viewers to give to NDEO by visiting
3. Share your video on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and include #ndeothanks.
Join: NDEO's #ThankADanceTeacherDay Facebook Page
Share: Thank a Dance Teacher Press Release
Spread the Word: Become an NDEO #ThankADanceTeacherDay Social Media Ambassador
For Students: #NDEOStudent Thanks